Tuesday, March 3, 2009

L'Occitane for Spring: Rose Nuit de Mai and Fleurs du Pecher

L'Occitane en Provence, the small French brand with the trademark provencial touch, famous for their skincare as well as their aromatic products, is welcoming spring with two tempting fragrances in their familiar country-chic style: Rose Nuit de Mai and Fleurs de Pêcher (Peach Blossom) to reflect two different moods or two different personalities.
Both scents will come with an assortment of ancilary products apart from the standard Eau de Toilette promising to holistically complete the experience.

Rose Nuit de Mai, set to launch in May 2009, is composed by Alexis Dadier (best known for his Mugler creations A travers le Miroir and Miroir des Vanites). Rose Nuit de Mai faitful to its mysterious name encompasses delicate wild roses and fresh May roses (Rose de Mai/Centifolia Rose), coupled with violets, black currant and cinnamon, to add floral, fresh and spicy accents to the fragrance. The base is composed by the warm trail of vanilla, sandalwood and cedar, while the overall character is deeply floral-woody and a little of an enigma to unravel.
Available in Eau de Toilette 75ml, a bath creme and shimmering body lotion as well as Rose Nuit de Mai Intense Roll On 10ml for the purse.

Fleurs de Pêcher on the other hand is a solar scent of a happy disposition, featuring succulent white peach, peony, almond and lemon tonalities over a woodsy-powdery base for when we want to feel insouciant and let our hair down.
Available in Eau de Toilette 50ml and 100ml as well as an accompanying skincare range, lip balm and candle for the home.

Pics via Fragrantica and Osmoz


  1. Don't these both sound lovely. The rose especially, I've always liked their variations on rose scents. I also like think their scents are well priced- you can spritz with wild abandon!

  2. Anonymous13:29

    The rose looks so nice, but their scents don't last on my skin too long. But I like many of their products, it is my favourite brand.

  3. Ooh can't wait to try these out when they make their Aussie appearance! I absolutely adore L'Occitane!

  4. So if you have trouble holding the scent use a body moisturizer before you spray the scent. They usuaqlly have a companion moisturizer.


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