Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Optical Scentsibilities: the Divers

On Optical Scentsibilities we often showcase similar visual concepts in fragrance advertising, comparing and contrasting as well as discussing sources of inspiration in the arts. But rarely does the homage present itself in such a glaring way!
First there was George Hoyningen Huene and his magnificently late 20s-mood-whispering of his famous black & white photograph "The Divers".

And then, there came Guy Laroche with his fragrance Horizon pour Homme to reprise the exact same photograph. Back of the heads, bodies poised in 90 degrees angle, gazing into the horizon and leading us to gaze through their eyes as well and dream a little...

Pics through parfumdepub and patriciasilva.files.wordpress


  1. Helg, thank you for featuring one of my favorite photographs. Did you know that the man in the photo was the equally great photographer Horst(who was also Huene's lover)? Great selection of perfume as well. It fits perfectly.

  2. I would wager that the Horizon ad image isn't just a recreation of the Huene photograph, but the original photograph itself, lightened up. Every single detail of the original photo is in the ad, and it's essentially impossible to re-create a photograph so precisely--every shadow (look at the muscles on his arm), every hair (the side of her head), every fold of fabric (her bathing costume), even the shape of his jawline and throat. If you were to overlap the two photos at the same size (you can do it by putting them side by side and crossing your eyes), you'll see what I mean: they're completely identical in every respect.

  3. Oh, I love Horst's work, but didn't know they were actually lovers: a fusion of great talents! The name "Horizon" is just perfect for this.
    Hope you're well! :-))

  4. P,

    oh yes, I am sure it's the same picture! We don't disagree. That's why I said it's a rare glaring "homage".
    It makes me think they acrually found a way to attain the copyright of using the image, otherwise how could this be even possible?

  5. Hello .Não conheço este perfume...ainda , mas a belíssima foto de Horst realmente aguça o desejo, embora a reprodução tenha perdido um pouco da proposta de contrastes entre sombra e luz que havia na original. Beautiful ! kiss Elisabeth

  6. Hi Elizabeth! Not much opinion on the frag either, but I agree on the light and shadow exquisite play. I understand more than I can speak/write in your language alas (Latin is certainly helpful to me!)...

  7. stunning photo! I didn't know it. On the subject of the similarity between the two can you have photo plagiarism?! Oh the 20s must have been a divine decade to live in... well if you were rich anyway

  8. K,

    glad you enjoyed!
    I think they bought the rights to use it in the Horizon frag campaign. It wouldn't be possible otherwise. At least without us hearing about a huge storm of a legal fight, I bet.
    Wisely said about the 20s! ;-)


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