Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Which fragrances does the president of the Fragrance Foundation choose?

In a very comprehensive, and quite extensive, coverage in In the Cut, Jane Larkworthy tackles that rather intriguing subject, Linda G.Levy, the president of The Fragrance Foundation since 2017.

She seems to have a quite extensive collection, naturally, as would be expected, with the occasional renegade choice or two in there, but not extremely deviating from the norm of the niche buying public.
As ms.Levy herself states, "my selection includes — but is definitely not limited to — Frederic Malle Portrait of A Lady, Diptyque Philoskykos, Le Labo Bergamot, Creed Floralie, Cartier Carat, Bond No. 9 Little Italy, Narciso Rodriguez, Diana Vreeland Staggeringly Beautiful, Tom Ford Neroli Portofino, and Atelier Cologne Iris Rebelle. I always have a travel size bottle or two in my purse."

Scent does seem to be of genuine interest to her, extending to indoors surroundings, with the choice of scented candles, with her favorites being Otherland Kindling, Nest Bamboo, and Cire Trudon Salta.

You can read the entire article in the link.


  1. Well she's a down to earth bundle of beans. Thanks for sharing with us

  2. Interesting! Thanks for the article.


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