Sunday, October 28, 2018

Breaking the Cellophane on a New Bottle of Robert Piguet Bandit

Just some photos I took upon opening a third bottle of Robert Piguet's Bandit perfume. One of my favorites as it transpires.

photo copyright Elena Vosnaki

It wouldn't seem possible for such a forceful fragrance as Bandit, not to mention a collection of hundreds of scent, but yes, the two bottles on the left have been enjoyably drained to their last dregs. The one on the right is the latest one, the "new"one (bought a few years back as a back-up, please note).

all photos by Elena Vosnaki

Doesn't it look spanking new and cute? I can't wait to start wearing it again! Usually I wear it in the summer, but I think I'm missing out on this tough stuff during the winter.

There is a difference in the cap between the former batch and the batch I just opened (bought a few years ago as a back-up, as mentioned above). The older one, on the right, has the initials etched on the cap. The newer one is smooth and sleek. Also, please note the older one is polygonal in layout, while the newer one is round all around. Other than that no differences on the bottle design itself. 

This is the "certified" original formula, as assured by Givaudan. Some bottles bear this certification in further proof of the company's adherence to excellence.
Bandit by Robert Piguet is a marvel from 1944 coming alive on the skin in 2018. Priceless. 

All photos copyright by Elena Vosnaki


  1. annemariec10:34

    Congratulations Elena! That's thrilling. I love it when perfumistas declare their loyalty to a particular fragrance. Mine is Chanel No 19.

    1. Yours is lovely as well. I adore it too, though use it mostly during the summer. I need to wear it more in cooler weather, for sure!

  2. that's a great one---seasonless, genderless, leathery chore with both flowers and a growl...enjoy!

    1. Thanks! You do describe it perfectly!

  3. I LOVE when you steer me in new and unknown fragrant directions!


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