Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Dame Perfumery Dark Horse: short fragrance review

Dark Horse strikes me as the sort of thing you grab on the way to a very promising rendez-vous of an erotic nature. Ladies, beware of men using this intoxicating blend of citrus, burnished woods and cinnamon-cloves spice; they can turn very addictive, very, very soon!

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On the other hand, you don't have to be a Dame (in the British sense of the word; I'm punning on the name of the founder of the house, in case it got confusing) to appreciate its insinuating message. But i's no deterrent either. Dark Horse is quite classy in its sexiness for either sex, and delicious in its implications. It doesn't quite show it, but it's a player. Hence, Dark Horse, I guess.


  1. i had a sample of this, and liked it very much. it was just as pleasing on my husband----we shared the samples when traveling, as we often do with perfumes, and wouldn't mind a full bottle. it's not inexpensive, but i've paid more for worse perfumes that don't do as well in longevity or projection!

  2. I have a bottle of this and love it. However, sadly, wearing it hasn't led to any rendezvous...but neither has any other fragrance.

  3. Dark Horse is in the running for first place on my vanity! Thanks! xox jean


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