Monday, October 31, 2016

In Praise of Room Spray Worn as Fine Fragrance

Most people using home scent do so to refresh a room: deodorise smoke from cigarettes or staleness; drive away the miasma of fried oil cooking; re-invigorate the air with new stimuli instead of the same emitions its inhabitants produce daily. But there are some of us who actually use home scents -and sprays in particular thanks to their instant gratification benefit- to give an instant edge.

Moody fragrances with complex profiles sprayed on the curtains and the cushions can complement melancholic thoughts when one wants to wallow in them; make one more concentrated in their intellectual work; or induce greater peace of mind and serenity when the world outside has gone a tad rougher than anticipated.

I freely admit my fondness for sprayed forms of fragrance; the quick fssssst makes for instant gratification having the volatile molecules disperse to their room's air and surrounding me in waves of pleasure. I also admit to often decadently use some of my pricier scents in the home exactly for that purpose: suffusing a room with my signature scent or altering its ambience in a couple of instants. Kids today say YOLO, do they not? They have a point. But there are scents purposefully meant for spraying in the home called "room sprays". Admittedly niche brands have limited their available scents in that medium which begs a question as to why, yet there are still a few excellent choices out there.

Aedes de Venustas developed a limited edition scent in collaboration with L'Artisan Parfumeur which focuses on the mystical symbiosis of Japanese incense and tons of intense musk for a balancing act that creates a deep and resonant ambience. I fell in love the very first instant I smelled it; it was a gift from a special friend I knew from the US directly from the source but it also played on all my heart's fondest strings. I hadn't actually been so mesmerized by a room spray's apocryphal message since smelling Essence of John Galliano by Diptyque (now lamentably discontinued). It merited enjoying in full. Visitors thought the same thing.

The niche boutique soon saw the potential and issued a proper perfume with this structure boosting the spicier aspects with pepper and cardamom as well as milder pink pepper and called it  L`Artisan Parfumeur Aedes de Venustas eau de parfum.

In the room spray (the scent of which also comes in a candle, still available on the website) the balsamic tones which dominate are enhanced by a sensual and full-bodied musk that seeps through and takes the upper hand soon; they have a way of inducing thoughts of adventure and unbridled passions but the incense keeps things grounded. In the grander scheme of things I know I'm an armchair climber of Everest and not a literal one. But there's no shame in that.


  1. Anonymous22:18

    Hello, Helg,
    I loved the John Galliano candles from Diptyque. It was a repeat purchase for me. I bought two Guerlain candles this summer-Bois Des Iles, and Russian Hiver. They are saturated with scent, and the jars are beautiful. It was a huge treat-I'm still not sure why I did it, except that I am almost 44, and really wanted to. YOLO indeed! And I bought Myrrhes et Delires-it's discontinued now, and I have wanted some for 4 years.

    I recently gave my friend a bottle of Prada Iris, and now I get to enjoy the smell of it when she wears it. The shared pleasure of fragrance.

    Hope you are well. Days here are shorter and shorter, and temperatures are dropping. So we light the candles and wait till the 21 December-and then enjoy each precious second of extra daylight, as it comes.


  2. I love a room spray... you can keep candles! LOL

  3. I love room sprays and candles. I used to have the John Galliano for Dyptique and it was something extraordinary. now I am hoocked to Feu de Bois candle of this brand.
    I also had 3 samll candles of that AEDES de Venustas for l'AP and went later for the perfume bottle, but i couldn't wear this one, this is a scent perfect as a room fragrance but it didn't work on my skin, I suffocated and sold my bottle, now I should go for the big candle.
    Other room spray I am in love: Relique d'amour of Oriza Legrand, the candle is also to die for, but it consumes too quickly.
    Waiting now for my fist Amouage candle: Jubilation, let's see!


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