Thursday, September 8, 2016

What Our Winners Win in Draws...A Video

We are hosting many draws on Perfume Shrine over the course of the year (it's a great way to have the lurkers delurk!) but none is more impressive than those which have the backing up of Tijon. Our last giveaway with the Beach Bag full of goodies was phenomenal and the grand prize winner Amelia Fortes did a super cute video opening up her prize package on air. She has posted the video full of sweet appreciation on Youtube. Thanks for the shout out Amelia and enjoy all your great goodies courtesy of Tijon Fragrance Lab and Boutique in good health!


  1. Congratulations and we enjoyed watching you open the packages...hope you enjoy using the products.
    I never win anything but once I won a contest at Perfume Shine. I gave them my info but never received
    the prize. Therefore, my record is intact that I have never won anything.

    1. Phyllis

      so sorry that you feel that way. When did this happen and what did you win? Did you receive an email from me in response? Was it something I personally was the organizing force behind it? As a person try to ALWAYS honor my word. This does break my heart to hear therfore.

      Please send me an email with your Username in the title and I will send over a consolation prize that I'm sure you will enjoy.

  2. Congratulations on your lovely win!

  3. Coule you have had a more charming winner and unboxer. It was the best unboxing I have ever seen. I would be interested in seeing or reading her entry.

  4. Hi Nadine,

    It was previously posted, but here again is the winning entry in our Tijon summer beach scent contest:

    "I will always remember the scent of the super salty ocean and young sweet coconuts of the privately owned beach in the Philipines I got to spend some time on after burying my mother in April 2013. The salty wind blew through my hair and I was laughing taking selfies honoring her memory. A few moments later, a lacy blue dragonfly landed on my foot and would not leave. I stared at it in awe at its beauty. I've never seen a dragonfly so beautiful and calm. It literally looked like it was made of expensive lace. I knew it was her. Ever since then, dragonflies and the smell of the salty air and coconuts will always remind me of her.


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