Thursday, December 17, 2015

Christmas Wishlists: Mine and Yours

Santa Baby can't get more busy this year. I haven't even had the time to sample most of what I wanted to, being so terribly busy and all, not to mention no budget for waste (so that puts a moratorium on unsniffed purchases). Santa might do the sampling for me as far as I'm concerned this time. I'm sure not everyone is on the same page though.

But for Christmas's sake, and making it easy on those who can and would gift us with the things we want and need, I'm sharing with you my own Christmas & New Year wish list, including style, fashion, books, movies, perfume and beauty. And I urge you to share your wish list too in the comments! I'd love to read it during the longer days of the holidays and note down interesting things to try out next.

My first wish - my foremost wish for which all other wishes eclipse- is for peace. Peace now that people drown in the Aegean every single day. Let's effectuate the change we are.

On to more prosaic things.

My perfume wish list has already been posted on Fragrantica in All I Want for Christmas. (click the link to see) Rather short and to the point; 5 new perfumes only. They should fit a stocking, shouldn't they?

But I have a few more things to be grateful if they make an appearance under the Christmas tree.

This smokey eye palette from Bobbi Brown has the requisite shades for shading but thanks to their cool undertone they won't look muddy on my lids.It's called Smokey Cool Eye Palette (pretty easy to remember huh?) and one can find it at Sephora and here on Amazon.

If Santa is really generous I'd love this Tahitian grey-classic white-South Sea gold pearl bracelet by Mikimoto. Stunner!

Seven Brief Lessons on Physics by Carlo Rovelli was initially the inner geek's call to polish up my physics; a subject neglected since high school. But the aesthete in me admits arrogantly that it was the book jacket which caught my eye first.Available at Barnes & Noble and on Amazon last I checked.

These Sur La Table fruit grind graters are great for any of us who loves grating citrus rind with gusto only tolater  find their kitchen full of small bits scattered everywhere. I also hope that it will allow me to actually collect the the remainder grinded bits and be able to tincture them in alcohol for using in condiments and dishes. How's that for a nifty idea combining scent and food in one?

Finally a ticket for a springtime trip to Japan to experience the Wisteria Tunnel at the Kawachi  Fuji Gardens in Kitakyushu. That would be heavenly indeed....

Please share your wishlists in the comments below this post. I'd love to read them all!


  1. As far as perfume goes I would love a bottle of Brun Sicilien, Diorama or Diorella. I think I have been too intimidated by the 100ml bottles to buy them for myself, but as a present the responsibility is taken away. I would also love more indoor plants as I'm sure there is a corner in my house somewhere that can hold another container...I would also never complain about a chunky Lola Rose bracelet or necklace or a selection of Christmas bath treats from Lush. Have a peaceful Christmas, Elena, Birte.

    1. These all sound like fun and who can blame a girl for wanting more Diorama or Diorella?? Bigger is better. :)
      I'm useless with plants, but sounds like you're just the person for them. Hope you get everything in your list!

  2. Had a think and this is what I would love .
    Diorella perfume as its going to be a hot summer - today 37c and tomorrow is going to be 42c and I have to go to my grand daughters birthday party - she turns a HOT 5 Years old . LOL
    Love earrings but would adore some great sunglasses the most!
    For a book .... Carolyne Roehm's new book "At Home In The Garden".
    I would love that little grinder too! Nifty!
    Finally , for me , a ticket to Berlin to see Queen Nefertiti's bust in the museum there . My aunty told me about her when I was young and I was fascinated - she was known for the Perfect Face ! Would love to see her "in the flesh" as they say !
    Wishing you a perfumed Christmas Elena !!

    1. WOW, a 5 year old grandchild!! That should be awesome.
      Sounds like you're going to get another bout of a rough hot summer. *patting on the back sympathizing* We got our hottest one last summer and I still cherish the cold, even though we're rather chilling right now. Diorella is thankfully just the thing! (You might also like Cologne Sologne by Patricia de Nicolai, have you tried it? Great in the heat).
      I should check your book rec. As to Nefertiti and Berlin, I sincerely hope you get to visit! That would be a great gift. Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family, darling M!!

  3. all lovely things! couldn't argue with your perfume want-list, either...

    yes, peace on earth would top my list, too. sigh...

    much of what i desire for myself is intangible---or at least, un-buyable---but as for things that could be purchased? i've a jewelry list a mile long. book list ditto. opera tickets. a new car would be nice, as the old one is showing signs of future failure. (and if it could be a plug-in car, so much the better!) unlimited meals at my favorite indian restaurant. so many silly things...

    hope you get at least some of the things on your list!

    1. I feel so unworthy and ungrateful asking for things when people are trying to cross for a chance to a better life and they get drown in the process...Yes, we do need peace. Badly.

      Thankfully some things can be bought! Those you mention are not silly at all, they're all both useful and pleasurable. Win-win! ;)

  4. Here sales start in dec, so part of my wishlist is not a wish anymore. But since it's being fixed and shipped, I guess it technically counts. There's this suit
    and these shoes:

    On my wish list, a couple more Aussiebum swimsuits for the pool. And some Clarins body oils. Perfume-wise, Lampblack.

    1. Wow, the suit is wild!! Love the color. :) Are you dark or fair? It should look stunning on a darker man.
      LOVE the Clarins body oils. Have you also tried the Resourcant line by them? Wonderful aroma and the usual Clarins top quality. I hear a lot of good things about Lampblack. Need to try!

    2. I have the skintone and hair of the model (sadly, not the muscles or the face). Never tried the Clarins Ressourcante, so now I have to do so (the latest Clarins purchase was the body serum, which I like - not quite a serum like those for the face, but a very light textured body cream).

      Lampblack is a fresh vetiver-leather, modern in execution, but classically dry and devoid of the gourmandises of current masculine perfumery. No big twists but solid.

    3. Ah, then it must look good. (I don't think male fashion models are that muscular really? They're not athletes. They're sort of emaciated and so muscles show through, that's it. From what I have seen in real life and sure, those I've seen are hardly the top of the tops, so...)

      Do try Resourcante and get back to me. I think it's a very relaxing scent. And nicely "herbal" too.

      Ah, Lampblack (I was just sort of typing Lampjack) sound better and better by the minute. Thanks!! ;-)

  5. Anonymous07:16

    I already know what I'm already, I know it spoils the fun but better that than get disappointed.
    Perfume : Chanel Misia
    Handbag : Chanel Le Boy red patent leather cruise 2016 collection
    I'll probably get other things from other people but I don't really have high expectations with that so I don't really care.


    1. Hahaha! I had a hunch you would say that. ;)

      I did like Misia very much myself as well. It's not wildly original of course, but it is expertly rendered and a very sophisticated smooth blend. (In that genre I also recommend you try White by Puredistance, if you haven't already; more orris-centered than violet, but soft as goose-down and supple like a swimmer's leg)
      Can't say I'm wild about Chanel handbags (would really like a Bottega Veneta in my collection) though something in red does look good always, in my books.

      I hope other people pleasantly surprise you in interesting ways!

    2. Anonymous23:16

      I know but you know I've had a hard life, I want fun and live the high life as much as I can now. Life is the ultimate free lunch says Stephen Hawking, I think I agree with that. I'm an advocate of animal welfare, and a vegan, I'm not just a materialistic superficial dumb bitch whose world is shopping and calling Uber.

      I know you're not a fan of Chanel bags, I understand why, I think they're the least popular in Europe compared to North America, Asia, Russia and the wealthy Middle East. My mother would never wear a Chanel bag in Europe, she thinks it's pretentious and ostentatious.
      When I bought my 2.55 reissue bag at the Rue Cambon Channel boutique, it was all women from Malaysia around me that day, I could see their passports, they were buying everything!
      Chanel is France, that's for sure. The Le Boy pink and red patent leather Chanel bag is selling like hot cakes here in New York, definitely target younger girls and women because it's a more casual practical handbag.

      I'm wearing Caron With Pleasure, what a beauty!

      Send me an email :-)


    3. I would never, never, in a million years, think anyone is a materialistic superficial dumb bitch. Who am I to be that judgmental??? Everyone has a hard life. More or less, but life is hard and we should make the most of it while we still can. I totally fall in line with what Hawking said, apparently.

      It's probably has to do with what you say about the European idea of ostentatious I suppose. Yes, you caught it very well. Though they are without doubt beautifully crafted.
      I almost never carry my Vuitton bags anymore either, for what it's worth; they have vulgarized the brand quite a bit, even though I always was the type to not carry to the much logo-ed editions (Epi was my beloved style). Anyway...

      Caron with Pleasure is indeed a beauty. And it's criminal that not more of the Carons are well known. After all I too came late to Caron and see what I've been missing...

      Yes, I will send an email your way.

  6. I would like to be able to sigh without sadness, but, rather, only to take in the honeysuckle-filled softness of an early summer evening.
    I would like some first editions of turn of the century children's books illustrated by Arthur Rackham, Edmund Dulac, and Maxfield Parrish.
    I would like to smell 2 of the greatest perfumes in the world. One on the brink of discovery, and one already forgotten for the moment, but not lost. Then I would like to understand why they are so great and learn more of their history.
    I would like to take that walk through the Wisteria tunnel in Japan, too. Wow, how amazing that looks and must be!
    I want a giant pearl like Cleopatra had!
    That should do it for 2015!
    Thank you! Merry Christmas!


    1. Awww....your words are deeply touching. :)
      Hope that the new year brings you everything you wish for!

  7. My wishlist is ready: i choose only 5 perfumes, La Panthere and Baiser Vole by Cartier, Cristalle by Chanel, Kelly Caleche by Hermes and Sicily by D&G. I plan to visit my cousin in Marseille next year and after that going home in Romania(home sweeet home!) :) I want a white Mango little bag and a new hair rotative brush and some stuff from The Body Shop, never say no for the Red Musk :)
    Thank you, Elena, you are special! Merry Christmas and let's our whishes came come true!

    1. Amazing, your perfume choices are so good I could cry. Can I share this with Santa as a second alternative resource? I used to scoff at Sicily back then, finding it too alkaline, but I miss its confident air. No one does soapy quite like that anymore.
      And please do tell me more about Red Musk: how does it "hit" you? Spicy? I am curious and yet didn't quite try it out. Need to!

      Merry Christmas to you too Cristina! Safe trip home too!

    2. Red Musk is that kind of perfume that it's hunting me till I buy it!:). Absolutely gorgeous! It hits me spicy, yes, aromatic, unisex, it has a bit of masculine air of Dior Homme wich i love it! but it's steel remains more feminine. Red Musk it gives me joy and pleasure to wear it. For me it was love at first sniff, no need to ask a friend opinion or give a second chance. Rich, sexy, spicy, unisex! :)) His the king of The Body Shop perfumes.

  8. Vintage Scherrer in EuP, would be lovely under the tree.

    1. Ah, yes, that would be a good gift under the tree. Very classy! Hope you get it.

  9. Philco04:07

    I would like to resurrect my childhood self this Christmas, and enjoy the day with all of the excitement I felt in my pre-teen years. I am a babe in perfume appreciation, and would like to expand my knowledge. I would like to know why Youth Dew is a classic fragrance. What makes a fragrance memorable?

    1. That is a great wish! Visiting the past and re-living cherished memories and the innocence of discovery.

      That's an interesting question about YD and what makes a fragrance memorable. I think it deserves a bit of a post of its own. ;-) Soon!

  10. I want the garden across the street. It's abandoned and overgrown with weeds so it would need some bulldozing first but it has potential.

    1. Then by all means ask who owns it, woman! You might be able to actually make it your own in every sense of the word. (At least I know you would do it justice, unlike myself who is incapable of getting things to grow).

      Hope the holidays are restful and stress-free! Will drop a line as soon as I get a minute without distractions.

  11. Miss Heliotrope05:27

    A magic wand to fix any number of things -

    Having a bday 10 days before Christmas adds to the effort for those around me, but I got perfume: Jasmine & Cigarette by Etat Libre d'Orange, which is lovely...

    Christmas? Cooler weather would be nice. A chemo session Christmas Eve (literally, too - wont be home until way after dinner time) means sleep would be handy. Books are always my main thing, and a nice big pile to hide in would be great.

    Merry Christmas - now & in a couple of weeks -


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