Monday, November 2, 2015

Breaking News: Silk Scarves Signed by Serge Lutens

The maestro of Palais Royal forays into the the realm of style with his introductory 2 silk scarves (foulards) which have just been launched.
Constructivisme foulard en soie Serge Lutens

In two characteristic designs recalling familiar styles of either Russian Constructivism or Motifs Berberes inspired by the culture of Morocco they're available for purchase on the online boutique for 350€ each. Signed Serge Lutens!
Each headscarf is handcrafted in Japan from the finest silks using the chidori maki technique to ensure a perfect finish. Limited series for each collection.
Signes Berberes foulard en soie Serge Lutens


  1. Anonymous20:42

    I want it !!!


    1. I was sure you would!! :-)
      Hope you get one of them. Or, you know, both :-O


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