Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Matching Perfume to Fall's Trendiest Fashions

If like me you have a perfume collection to wade through it's almost guaranteed that at some point you thought how one perfume seems to be mentally matched to a specific fabric or style of dress or even with a color that you love in your makeup. Taking this thought further I compiled a hip and happening matchy-matchy of fall 2015 fashion trends and autumn-friendly perfumes for you. From oh-so-hip-it hurts ear climber earrings to blanket scarves (and with a sprinkling of gold eyeshadow there too for good measure), there's a core collection of looks and scents to satisfy you till the next tide comes.
Chloe collection f/w 2015/16

You can find the slideshow on this link on

Feel free to share your own favorite matching of perfume and fashion looks in the comments!


  1. i love things like this! i am an inveterate matcher of perfume to clothing and jewelry and colors...there are certain outfits that simply call out for a specific perfume. thanks for an enjoyable diversion this morning.

    1. You're most welcome!!
      It's a bit obsessive compulsive but we all need our little fixes, right? :-)
      Have a great day!

  2. Anonymous02:00

    Have you ever had someone give you back a perfume that you bought for them a few days later and told you it was not right on them? It was Moments by Priscilla Presley when it first came out

    1. I have and it was a disappointing experience. I had thought they'd have liked it! It was Allure edt by Chanel. :/
      Moments I recall had made a splash when PP was not a parody of herself yet.

    2. Anonymous22:16

      It was my Mother that gave the perfume back to me, I threw it away when I went home that same day.

  3. I cannot imagine returning a gift from someone. Am I alone in this? It is really hurtful, the way I see it.
    If I received a perfume from a friend which I didn't like for myself, I would still thank the giver. I would simply be very grateful someone loved me enough to think of me and want to give me a gift, whether it was the wrong choice in perfume, or something else.
    I would go so far as to wear it around them the next few times I saw them as well!
    love, jean


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