Friday, August 14, 2015

Back and Spinning, plus Eau Libre

I'm back after a few (deserved) days of holidays away from home, wetting my striped bikini and grilling a mean BBQ aromatized by fresh thyme, so expect to actually see some posts on these pages from now on after this short blog inertia like a dutiful nerd kittie.

In the meantime, I had written a review for one of the less known fragrances by the venerable house of Yves Saint Laurent (magician of le smoking, if you recall). This also came from a clan of products that usher the 1970s in a step as assured as that of an ethic-laced wedge on cork heel rocking the Studio 54 era. That is, Eau Libre, which a very kind reader of this blog sent me a sample of a long while ago. This is a deserved review and it's posted in full on this link on Fragrantica. As always, you're welcome to comment here or there or both ways.
(And stay tuned for more articles of this kind of scents in the very near future)

For those who still haven't left for summer holidays hope you get a great rest and enjoy yourselves and we'll be catching up.


  1. We're having monsoon downpours here. I think I'm starting to grow webs between my toes. I hope your bikini is striped not stripped!

  2. Thanks for catching my typo! (Just fixed it)
    I hate humidity and it seems like the climate here has changed to a horrible humid hotness....I really liked it before. Fingers crossed for September. Sorry about the downpours of monsoon dimensions. That's a bummer, hope no damages rendered to property or humans.

  3. Jean Yates13:55

    Happy to see you back! I hope you had fun! I am looking forward to reading your full review of Eau Libre.
    love, jean
    PS: I am wearing Gucci Rush for appropriate occasions these days.
    Because of this,I laughed really hard when I read your list of the sluttiest perfumes. This was my Christmas present from my son! I haven't told him yet that what he chose is a wild and gamey come on to the locals here in my town--he might not chose to give it to me again! I don't want to lose out as I love it and want it again! :)

    1. Thank you Jean, it's good to see you here again, I'm overjoyed to find you again all.

      Love the story about the Rush! It's such good fun and such a wonderful sillage monster (albeit very likable) that it begs getting re-asked from your lovely and thoughtful son. (And what a good son that is! Excellent taste too, you did a good job, obviously).

      See ya!

  4. Oh how we wish for rain. Not a monsoon downpour but just a lot of gentle rain, we're having the worst dry spell since time immemorial.
    Was it me who sent you Eau Libre? It's one of my favourites, I like the abstract vegetal with no discernible floral (as in flora, not flower) facet and for some reason, I associate it with Tuscan countryside. Need to fish it out from the depths of storage when there's a good time for it, these days, I just use Sycomore by buckets, it's the only thing that combats the icky sweaty feeling.

    1. L,

      I do hope it rains!! It's horrible to have a long dry spell. And heat.

      For once it wasn't you. It was Jill (thank you Jill!!) But I have to thank YOU for this gem which you had the generosity and kindness to send a good quantity of back then.


      Eau Libre is truly a wonderful fragrance and it's awesome that it keeps well. As to Sycomore, it's one of my favs for a heatwave as well. That, Chanel No.19 edt, Bandit edp, Shiseido Koto, and all the pungent and citrusy leathers (Gomma, Bel Ami etc)

    2. Oh, QVLP and the big glass brick. Relatedly, maybe, we did get some rain. Plants are happy, the cat is complaining because any water that falls from above is a dangerous kitty solvent and she can't play outside.

  5. Glad to read you had a restful holiday Helg :)

    1. Thanks honey, hope that you're having a good time yourself, dear M!


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