Wednesday, August 26, 2015

At the Moment

The end of August signals both the end of summer vacation "in vivo" (because the in vitro experimentation continues) and the anticipation of autumn. Therefore expectations and feelings are quite mixed, though the first days of September invariably put a spring to my step. Here are some of the things I do, think, use these days; more to come come September when all the exciting things launch. Please share yours in the comments!


I'm on a strict T-shirt diet. They're plain with no fussy details, they have a scooped neck and quite short sleeves for maximum coolness and they come in a wide array of cool colors: aqua, salmon pink,  fuschia, canary yellow, white of course, emerald green, Prussian blue...They've been a god-sent during the hot days of August. and they go with everything.

Putting an impressive bib-necklace on top is enough to make an outfit. This one I've worn a heck of a lot of. It looks ultra cool up close since it's glazed and looks like liquid glass is overlaid over the snake print. Lots of compliments on it.


I intend to follow through with this practical fashion trick during the cooler autumn days opting for thin jumpers with long sleeves.  


Derrida, Between the Blinds. It's anyone's guess why I chose to read this in English and not its original French or in a Greek translation (oh wait, probably because there is no Greek translation of this one AFAIK). I found it on Amazon and it looks intimidating enough to keep people off my back during commutes. I might even learn a few things!  :-D


I discovered the Montreal Guitar Trio and the California Guitar Trio just a little while ago. Here they perform one of my favorites (on many levels) from The Good, The Bad and the Ugly (originally by Ennio Morricone)/Reel Matawa (by Richard Matawa) at Montreal in 2009.


Acqua di Parma Colonia Ambra 
A gorgeous interpretation of ambergris (and woody notes) mixed into the structure of classic Cologne. It doesn't smell citrusy though, instead it smells like a stranger you want to jump his bones. It's unisex and very appealing packaged too. Review to follow.  

Narciso Rodriguez L'Absolu For Her 
Another variation in the endless variety of NR perfumes, this one takes the familiar musk core and injects a healthy dose of jasmine and tuberose. It feels the way it sounds and will have Rodriguez fans perking up their ears this autumn I bet.  

Prada Infusion d'Amande As soft and purring as a kitten by the fire, this once limited edition has made a re-appearance. With come-hinter tonka bean, velevty heliotrope and bittersweet almonds, it's a great transition into the soft textures of the fashions for Fall 2015.


I'm testing out a new thing for the following months: a copper plum eyeshadow. I'm using Oriflame Copper Plum eyeshadow (these are singles and inexpensive so experimenting comes cheap). This is the effect I'm aiming at, surrounded and deepened by a little greyish taupe in the crease. Isn't it pretty? 

And now on to you. What are you doing at the moment?


  1. Anonymous17:17

    Glad all is well - the website has been unreachable for a few days from my iPad. Nice necklace.

    1. Thank you very much!

      Yup, the necklace is excellent, much better live too.

  2. I agree with the NR. The Pradas are ok, especially the Ĺ“illet, but veeery fleeting. I'm looking forward to the new Vero, the tobacco one, Black Orchid eau de toilette, and sotto la Luna tuberose! Have a happy return to everyday life happenings :-)

    1. It's a bummer when scents are fleeting, don't you find? With the heat we're having I attribute that to the heat.
      I do agree about the "bleeps on the radar" anticipation scents for later on! :-)

  3. Anonymous03:15

    Once again your seasons are wrong.

    I have decided that 3/4/elbow/bracelet sleeves are my thing at the moment, and have a few woollen sweaters (jade/aqua/calamine pink/hot orange) that end nicely mid forearm so I am not always rolling & shoving at tatty sleeves. I have lighter boatneck tops with elbow sleeves should winter ever leave - am also playing with a sample set of jasmine perfumes - & as usual, finding the animalic & smoky edge of things preferable.

    Otherwise, am waiting for Tom Holland's Dynasty (the follow up to Rubicon - a history of late republican Rome that revived interest in that period for two of us who thought we'd read everything we ever needed to on it) to get to Australia from the UK, and my walks around the neighbourhood are to the celtic/techno sounds of the Peatbog Faeries or the somewhat more mellow Punch Brothers.

    1. Oh that is a constant, hehehe! ΄-)

      Elbow sleeves are a god sent. They make for transitional wearing and that's priceless in this age of global warming. But I don't always find them in simple designs where either short sleeves or long sleeves reign supreme.

      Intrigued by your jasmine perfumes set? Which perfumes does this include, please? (If you care to share)

      Punch Brothers sounds like something more violent that it probably is!!

    2. Miss Heliotrope04:52

      The Punch Brothers do (non violent) Bluegrass & Debussy. As you do -

      The jasmine set was the Surrender to Chance (& either thanks or curses for introducing me to them) luxury intermediate: Serge Lutens Sarrasins
      Serge Lutens A La Nuit
      Indult Isvaraya
      Montale Jasmin Full
      Etat Libre Jasmin et Cigarette

      Sarassins & Jasmin et Cigarette were the ones that caught most of my attention -

  4. MissHeliotrope03:16

    & that were me, Miss Heliotrope - I get confused by not being a robot.


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