Monday, June 15, 2015

Death is Yellow and Smells of Vanilla (La Mort Est Jaune Citron et Sent la Vanille)

-Death is yellow and smells of vanilla.
-Are you sure of it?
-I'd bet money on it.

The above quote is from Patrice Leconte's film Le mari de la coiffeuse (The Hairdresser's Husband*, 1990). Jean Rochefort in fine comedic (and dramatic) form.

I found the quote interesting both in the sense of an unexpected joke and in the sense of expressing a certain zen acceptance on the matter of death. The film is infused in the pleasure of the senses (and of erotic love) anyway and there are several glimpses of the beautifying hair products and perfumes, in retro style bottles, on the shelves of a traditional French hairdressing salon.

*please disregard the faulty description as an "Italian movie"


  1. I will look out for that movie so I can add it to my collection - loved it !!!!

    I watch a lot of movies ..... I do have a big collection and I love to see them over and over again ( many people do not! Huh! LOL ) .
    When do I find the time ? ..... its the ONLY way I can do ironing!!!!
    The time goes by and I have a empty basket :) Luv it !

    1. That's actually a great idea which I hadn't thought about. Thanks!!

  2. I adore Patrice Laconte. Have you seen Le Parfum d'Yvonne? It is wonderful.
    Thanks for this quote and the Laconte memories.

    1. I like his work as well, it's quite sensuous, don't you find?. I liked Girl on the Bridge too! Parfum d'Yvonne is on my to watch list. And you're most welcome :)

  3. Quite curious this phrase considering that one of the most effective and deathly of all fat burners, Dinitrophenol or DNP, is a yellow powder with a kind of subtle sweet nuance....

    1. That's uncanny Henrique! I can't imagine they actually meant it that way, but it does make the mind wonder whether the tie was latent in the writers' mind, a reference heard sometime before and surfacing poetically.
      Thanks so much for your addition!


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