Friday, January 16, 2015

Models Anja Rubik and Helena Christensen Launch Their Own Celebrity Scents

Original by Anja Rubik (a former Chloe face) and Dead of Night Perfume Oil by Helena Christensen are  two new perfumes by two supermodels, one of the latest trends in fragrance launches.

Dead of Night Perfume Oil is an exotic blend of jasmine, oudh and amber, inspired by an oudh oil which had an "intoxicating and hypnotic" effect on Helena Christensen. The former supermodel promotes it as the creative director for the artisanal fragrance house ERH1012 which was founded by entrepreneur Elizabeth Gaynes.

Original by Anja Rubik on the other hand is a combination of lilies, green tea and amber, developed in collaboration with perfumer Patricia Choux, and is inspired by the black & white photography of Robert Mapplelthorpe which had always fascinated Anja. The model, who has worn Yohji and Angel in the past, specifies in Allure that her scent is intentionally unisex and niche-smelling. The eau de parfum Original by Anja Rubik has made its debut on


  1. Nope, not any love from me.

    1. You tried them? Or just not interested?

  2. Miss Heliotrope00:36

    What if they were intoxicated by beer & fascinated by cows?

  3. MH,

    I'm looking forward to having someone say so! (in public). :-D


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