Thursday, January 8, 2015

Lisa Eldridge Goes to Lancome

Perfume Shrine is mostly dedicated to scent-related subjects and trivia (with a side dish of some art history and some style from time to time) rather than cosmetics, but the news was too big not to share with some of my regular readers.

The star make-up artist (and the down to earth tutor for many, with her "be accessible" motto transpiringly so lovingly on her tutorials) has changed alliances from her former position as Chanel ambassadress (her videos on were wonderful) to Lancome (a company of the L'Oreal group). Encouragingly in a video aired on January 6, Eldridge promises to work on developing new products and new colors, as well as limited editions, and she will have a hand on the official site.

Her own site and Youtube channel will continue to remain independent.


  1. I have a Chemist that I visit that has Lancôme and Clarins... oh Revlon too.
    I looked at the Lancôme counter and moved on last week.
    I used to love Lancôme but ... its not "exciting" like it used to be ...somewhat boring now.

    This is a good and clever move by Lancôme ... lets hope Lisa Eldridge can inject some Jazz!!!

  2. annemarie07:23

    I'm not much of a makeup person but I enjoy Lisa's videos, even if only because it's so pleasurable to watch someone who is so good at what they do. I'm glad her YouTube channel and social media will remain independent, as she so often refers to mid- and budget-priced products. The bottom line is that Lancome would want to preserve Lisa's social media following so as to try and lure it into the brand.

  3. I've always loved Lancôme, but every great thing has the ability to be greater.

  4. M,

    Lancome had always been rather good quality (in cosmetics) but boring, as you say.

    I do believe Lisa will jazz it up, since she's now head of makeup products.


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