Friday, December 12, 2014

Classified Ads: Reader Swaps Amouage Candles. Takers?

A dear reader of mine wants to swap some Amouage candles she has got (but never lit), preferably for vintage Guerlain Mitsouko or Caron Bellodgia perfume or alternatively "for something pretty and happy", as she specified.
The candles are in their original packaging and are unlit: Amouage Oriental Oud and Divine Oud are both intact in their original sealing, Eternal Oud has been opened only to be sniffed.
These are perfect for the holiday season. Preferably US shipping.

These are a $90 retail value each. Anyone who thinks they have something swappable for these, please comment below stating what you have to offer, so she can read, and watch this space for her pick/comments so she can eventually contact you through email.


  1. Yes, I'd love them. Tell her to go on my website and see if there is something that catches her eye. OR maybe she will want one of my new purses Elena?

  2. I have a 1 oz Mitsouko parfum from a few years ago and a edp from about the same time. Would love to swap these for those.

    Fragrant regards,

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  4. Anonymous23:02

    I tried to mail both of you, but I don't think I got the addresses right, so I may save them for a sister with a birthday in September. Merry Christmas!

    Elena, you are so sweet to do this. Special Merry Christmas wishes to you!



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