Wednesday, October 8, 2014

L'Incendiaire by Serge Lutens: the enigmatic commercial

Serge Lutens films a lonesome trip to the desert with a voiceover for his Paris Palais Royal release of L'Incendiaire fragrance. The masked loner looks like he's going to set fire to himself, but doesn't in the end. The otherworldly feel is compelling to watch.

L'Incendiaire is part of the Palais Royal line of fragrances in the bell jars, formerly under the auspices of Shiseido, alongside the fabulous cosmetics (lipsticks, foundation, makeup tools etc.)

For a full review of L'Incendiaire, you might want to check my review on Fragrantica. I'm going to post a more "personal" one on these pages too, soon. Price for the new L'Incendiaire by Serge Lutens is 600$US.


  1. Very 60's this one. I like it of course but the poetic text could be a little more substantial and short. This is 2014, the science period.

  2. Ellen15:59

    This "commercial" is very enigmatic and also very lonely.I love the poetry, but I'm not sure it will sell perfume. Certainly in the era of sound bites, it is too long. The images are beautiful, but that begins to define the fragrance and I think it might be said that everyone defines the fragrance for themselves.

  3. Okay... I have tears running down my face from laughing.



    I am divided. My fate is in your hands as the guillotine drops.


  4. Yeah but ..... does it smell nice????? LOL

  5. ION,

    indeed! Like Pasolini or Taviani filmed this. ;-)

    Not of our times, but still compelling to watch. The arsonist who put fire on himself...

  6. Ellen,

    at this point it's for our (perfumista's) own consumption, I'm sure. ;-) It does provoke suspense, doesn't it?

  7. Ann,

    the text is indeed very cryptic and borders on the somewhat ridiculous sometimes, but I feel kinda drawn to the whole thing, to be honest. (Of course it helps I'm a Lutens fan, but kinda keeps you waiting what will happen)
    This is not the standard commercial to sell perfume. Everything we expect from those (happiness, joy, seduction, cool-factor, puppies aplenty and jingle music) are missing. But this is why it drew my attention, so it's probably doing something right. At least... :-)

  8. M,

    oh yes, it does. It's a good perfume, I have linked my review on Fragrantica, if you're curious, but intend to publish another one here (on the same wavelength but different, if you know what I mean).


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