Saturday, May 10, 2014

Two Stories for Mom

You probably read the winning story for Mom's Day contest that Tijon fragrance boutique and lab organized the other day (if you haven't check it out). Today, in anticipation of tomorrow, I'm posting the two other winning mom stories for your enjoyment. And please share your own in the comments!


  1. The second story was so moving! God bless her family!

  2. Oh those stories are so beautiful.
    I wrote one for my mother. Here is is.

    For my Mother: Nancy:

    She was born in the town which we grew up in. Amazingly, her parents, and her brother and his family, all stayed there forever. We lived in this beautiful town always. The town was small. It was a grassy green jewel, with stunning flowers and birds all over the place, set beside the deep blue of the seemingly endless Atlantic Ocean.

    We knew that May was a special month, because my mother was born on May first. She was "The May Queen"!

    When she turned 70, I said to my sister, "Let's have a party for our mother and invite all her friends!" I drew the invitations, and wonderfully every one of her best friends was still there, from when she was a child! They had all married and settled in this gorgeous town as well! So they came with their handsome husbands. I had asked every one of the ladies to wear a flower in her hair to honour my mother's May day birthday. My sister did a lot of the organizing with my father, as I had small children with disabilities. My sister and father planned a lovely meal! They pulled out all the stops!

    When everyone arrived, what you saw was a beautiful sight. My mother, the most beautiful of all, wearing flowers in her hair from her beloved garden (which she tended and landscaped herself) and all of her best friends, looking like a glorious bouquet, seated before dinner in our family's living room.

    My father was terribly proud that evening, and as always was a fun host. Everyone loved this party, especially my mother!

    My mother was a fierce competitor in sports and in card games. There was nothing she wasn't the best at. I am not kidding! She was an amazing craftsperson as well. She even researched and restored the single local antique house's herb garden. She set it out and planted it appropriate to the way it would have been at the time, the 1700's. Then she wrote a book about the house!

    My mother, surprisingly, was very shy, even if there was that part of her which drove her nature to be a "killer" athlete and a winner of non-stop blue ribbons in EVERYTHING.

    Sometimes, I think perhaps she must have gotten a lot of her strength from my easy-going father, who was never fazed by anything. He sailed through life, giving to and simply loving everyone. Mostly, he adored my mother!

    I admit I am proud to be from this family, although I never fulfilled the expectations they had for me, which I was not interested in.
    Oh! Except for one: "Always stick up for your family".

    That was my mother's earliest lesson to me. It was easy to understand, I believed in it, and I never forgot it.

    Thank you, Mom, for what you gave to me. My love of nature, my fascination with all kinds of reading, and a great desire to get up every morning and LEARN MORE! Oh yes, and my never ending forever love of fragrance!!! :)

    love, jeannie xox

  3. Xiu,

    yeah, I thought the same. It's always touching to read heartfelt stories about a loved one, doubly so when they touch upon things we can all feel for.
    Thanks for commenting!

  4. jean,

    this is a simply wonderful thing to read, so full of emotion, so full of appreciation and love. I'm sure they have been very proud of you, despite X or Y expectations, as you have grown into such as a loving, warm, kind person.
    Thank you as always for bringing that lovely personality on board here. :-)


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