Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Tijon Mother's Day winners & the winning, touching Mother's Day Story

Jovan van Drielle has sent me the announcement of the winners for her grand prize for Tijon Mother's Day Contest and it's my pleasure and honor to share the names of the 3 winners (yes, Jovan is that generous she decided to hand out 3 prizes) as well as the winning story for you to enjoy.

1st prize - $1000. value package - Cynthia Nielsen
2nd prize will receive a $700.00 value package -  Hollan McBride
3rd prize - $500.00 value package - Cindie Roeder Leonard

And below, please read the winning story.
What is YOUR mother's day story/reminiscence/etc?


  1. Anonymous20:34

    What a touching story, it literally brought me to tears.

  2. That was beautiful and made me tear up. Thank you for sharing your story.

  3. Cynthia Niielsen07:07

    Deat Tijon

    Thank you so much for honoring my Mother's Day Story and gifting me with the beautiful $1000 in Tijon perfumes and boutique items. There were so many heartfelt stories and so many wonderful moms. We are fortunate women.
    I am looking forward to bringing my sister to Tijon in June and having that sister time creating a perfume that I will call Roselicious in memory of my moms roses.
    Happy Mother's Day .....I'll let you know what I select for my daughter that our young Mothers at Tijon for their Mother's Day Gift. my sister is already thinking of what the name of her perfume will be. She lives in a beautiful town In Woodland Park Colorado known as The Ciity Above the Clouds so will select some deep woody and light floral tones for her perfume. We are so excited for the sister day ....we use to build sand castles in la Jolla and this time we will create our signature of a kind. Thankyou Tijon for this special memory we are going to experience in June. Cynthia

  4. Anonymous07:13

    What a beautiful story.Thank you for sharing.

    I spent much time while living in Manitou Springs, in beautiful Woodland Park.

    Greetings from Vienna


  5. Anonymous08:09

    Cynthia, congratulations! Your story really moved me and made me vow to try to stop and smell the roses. And of course the perfumista in me wants to know what perfume it was that she so carefully dabbed ......

  6. This was one of the most touching pieces I have ever read. So full of love and warmth! xoxox jean
    thank you for sharing!


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