Thursday, April 17, 2014

Jour de Fete 2014 re-issue: review & comparison with the original from 2004

Remember when we announced that Jour de fete by L'Artisan Parfumeur, discontinued for quite a while and lamented by perfume lovers, was re-issued this year by the niche brand in an answer to pleas by fans requesting it back?

Well, here you are. I have tested the new version and have compared with the older one, composed by Olivia Giacobetti. You can read my thoughts by following this link over to Fragrantica with beautiful illustration. 


  1. Anonymous17:03

    I enjoyed your review and the photos - especially of the mimosa cat!

    You are probably right, the juice will be thinner now. I find that all newer formulations of old favourites seem so much weaker. I wonder if by actually diluting formulas companies comply with IFRA decrees? Perhaps, rather than make too many substitutions of ingredients (completely changing the smell of a perfume), they simply water down the whole thing, thus avoiding too high a percentage of a "sensitising" component?

    Weaker versions seem to be very much the order of the day now, and they make me cross!


  2. Thanks Jillie! :-)

    I believe the rationing of heliotropin is to blame, though it can't be only that.
    On the other hand, the maturing process in the bottle does contribute to a "denser" effect, also due to some partial alcohol evaporation ;-)


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