Monday, February 3, 2014

Love is in the Air: Valentine's Day countdown Part 1

Rejoice for love is to be celebrated every day, not just on February 14th. However since the blogging world operates by the regularity of Hallmark (and counting on its steady sales no doubt), a countdown to Valentine's Day didn't seem too bad of an idea; there are certainly worse things to countdown to.
For this project there will be tips and nuggets of love lore throughout the first half of February on these pages, starting with today, and there will be a super-dedicated post (a joint project no less) next Friday (so stay tuned).

So, for today, a small announcement:

Jovan van Drielle, owner of Tijon La Jolla perfumerie and kindly sponsoring our site (though this particular post is unaffiliated), is hosting a Week of Love, from February 9th to February the 16th in which couples are encouraged to drop by and play with aphrodisiac essences to make their own 'magik' elixir! More info by clicking on the link.

Stay tuned for Part 2 and love away!


  1. That photograph of the cherry and stems and lady bugs is wonderful.
    I, too, decided to start Valentines early. I have been wearing my little red horns, because it is such a waste to be a little devil only on February 14th. I forgot I had them on when I drove out for beer for the Super Bowl. Only 11 more days of wearing them until next year.

  2. Miss Heliotrope05:57

    If I tried to spell magic with a K for romantical purposes, I'd be divorced before the 14th...

    Pendantry brings us together, right?

  3. N,

    thanks, I thought it was both cute and kinda awesome as far as photos go. :-)
    Ha, good thinking!! Little red horns, sounds naughty. Wear them in good health!

  4. MH,

    hahahaha!!! Bless you, I had a belly laugh!

    I was referring both to the comic character (imagine that!) and "sex magik", which is, well, a popular term, I always thought. So, hopefully, in my defense I could claim that I was aiming at funny? Or I can let you both slap my wrist and save the marriage.


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