Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day with Gorgeous Gift for our Many Winners

I hope that everyone, coupled or uncoupled, celebrates the love that's tangible around us, if we only listen. Let's forget everything that's petty, mean-spirited and snarky and let's think about empathy and how we can reach out to someone. I wish everyone a very happy Valentine's Day and may I proceed with the winners announcement for our fabulous draw for a Tijon Fragrance Lab & Boutique pen & perfume atomizer with authentic Swarovski crystals? Remember, it was about your most romantic story!

Well, I have a fabulous announcement to make, thanks to the generosity of Jovan Van Drielle who is very appreciative of Perfume Shrine and its readership (which is the cream!).
YOU HAVE ALL WON A PRIZE!! Yup, you read that right, each and every one of you who posted a story/comment on that post. (She's amazing, lemme tell you).

What I will need from you in an email (using Contact with TIJON in subject title, so it's clear):

1.a full name and physical address, preferably someplace that someone will be presented to collect, because Jovan will ship via FedEx.
2.a phone number, because the courier requires it for confirmation/arrangements if the need arises. often consulted email address so that a tracking number can be sent to you for the package.

Jovan specified that she retains the right to ship with another carrier at her discretion for far away destinations depending on the cost.

Great news, huh? Enjoy!

If you're aching to read more on Valentine's Day fumes and perfumes, you can see my own list of My Romantic Perfumes, the collective Love is in the Air series, a game of fit-the-image-fit-the-heroine, Perfumers explaining what makes for a romantic or sexy fragrance (part 1) and part 2, How to Seduce with your Perfume, and an assortment of the most usual categories for romantic potential fragrances: top rose perfumes, top vanilla perfumes and top musk perfumes.


  1. WOW!!!Thanks so, so very much.
    Can't wait to receive the wonderful prizes that we ALL won. Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. Judy

  2. Thank you Elena and Jovan for the lovely, generous surprise!

  3. Laurels17:56

    Well, that is very generous, since I had no chance of winning otherwise! Thanks to you both, and to everyone who shared their inspiring stories.

  4. Anonymous18:00

    Happy Valentine`s Day to you Elena.

    Greetings from Vienna


  5. Anonymous09:20

    We're all winners! Lovely. Thank you and Happy Valentine's!

  6. I didn't enter because I didn't think I had a chance. Although I got the person of my dreams it was hardly romantic. :)

    This is fantastic! Congrats to the winners. <3

    Gina - wish I were in Vienna. Gorgeous, wonderful place.

  7. Eva H.15:28

    Oh my, thanks so much!
    I hope you all has a great Valentine's Day!

  8. Andrea SD15:32

    Tahnk you so much for this draw and Jovan for their generosity!

  9. Ellen17:38

    Thank you so very much to you and Jovan.

  10. Anonymous09:29

    Wow, I just checked this now, thank you so much!


  11. Anonymous19:21

    Mine came today, and it is really lovely! I can't wait to fill it with fragrance and enjoy!



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