Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Les Parfums de Rosine Majalis: new fragrance

Les Parfums de Rosine is launching a new perfume, Majalis. The inspiration comes from the Rosa Majalis, a rose variant native in the Asian mountains. This flower develops an amazing cinnamon scent, which is the reason it's called the "love rose" due to its soft and captivating aura. Les Parfums de Rosine also call it the Cinnamon Rose.

The new perfume, Les Parfums de Rosine Majalis, is inspired by this unique rose to render a soft oriental with spicy complementary notes of pink pepper and nutmeg on a woody background. Bulgarian rose absolute contributes a bright and heady heart note.

The presentation of the bottle is rich and refined as usual: The Rosine bottle wears an amber cap and a silky cinnamon-hued pompon for this scent, tied with a fuchsia pink detail, while the folding box continues the theme of lozenges, but treated in bright metallic fuchsia details on a bronzed card in a cinnamon colour to reflect the mood of the Majalis perfume.


  1. Anonymous21:16

    i have been craving a cinnamon-rose blend for years! tentations by paloma picasso is the only perfume i've found where i can smell both rose and cinnamon for a while.

    wonder if this will do the trick?


  2. Mary K23:49

    I think this sounds really lovely. I'll be looking for it.

  3. ooh yes, rose and cinnamon - must try!

  4. Names, names! In Italian, the name means "pig", as it does in Latin. But here, I am assuming, it recalls more "of May" (a use which doesn't seem attested in classical Latin, according to my dictionary). Perhaps some non-Italian botanist came up with the word, without knowledge of the implications.

    In any case, the unintended meaning suggests something a bit more risque, perhaps a reinterpretation of the notorious vintage Rose Poivre (which I have regrettably never smelled). But I doubt that this is the path taken by Rosine (despite a not too clean Twill Rose in their lineup).


  5. C,

    I will soon find out and report back! I have a sample on the way.

    Do make a mental note to try the new Phi, Rose de Kadakhar (sp?) by Tauer. You will thank me later.

  6. Mary,

    thanks for commenting, do chime in when you have!

  7. Carol honey,

    how are you? Glad to see you posting here.

    It does sound very promising, as I love spice in almost any genre and any category. Rose especially deserves the bastardization with something, as it can come across so very "twee" otherwise to my nose.
    I have high hopes, let's see. Have sample on the way, so will get back to this.

  8. M,

    LOL! I missed the pig part, my Italian is very rusty. (Probably the Rosine people did too)
    Majalis does instantly recall Convallaria majalis to me though, which is of course lily of the valley! (My mind reels in predictable tracks,I suppose). Which of course DOES pertain to May. since LOTV blooms in May, however my personal belief is that the Latin taxonomy owes more to Maia, daughter of Atlas, than it does to May the month. Not 100% sure, of course, how they came up with the Latin taxonomy, but it's an interesting observation.

    I sincerely hope for a tampered rose. No more of those "romantic" roses. delicate and sentimental. I like them botched up or ravished.

  9. Hello E! Thanks for asking - things are in flux, but I have faith that all (or most!) will be smoothed out soon. xox

  10. Carol,

    I'm wishing you a quick smooth out then! And thanks again for chiming in.

    (things get entangled here too, rest assured; life happens to all)


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