Friday, November 8, 2013

Dior Dedicates an Exhibition to Miss Dior perfume

Christian Dior's first perfume created in 1947, Miss Dior becomes for the first time the subject of a dedicated exhibition that highlights the heritage of the venerable house. From November 13 to 25 at the Curve Gallery at the Grand Palais in Paris, the exhibition "The Spirit of Dior Miss Dior", reveals the creations of five female artists designed around the fragrance. Each work is thus based on a symbol of Miss Dior, such as the bow, the rose or the perfume's muse, actress Natalie Portman. Mythical signed Dior dresses, but also contemporary works of Raf Simons will punctuate the visit.

It is here important to note that Dior is sequencing the story in such a way as to present a somewhat different perfume composition (the formerly "Miss Dior Cherie" now changed into simply "Miss Dior") as the heir of the original creation from 1947 (sold now as "Miss Dior Originale" for dedicated fans). The curating of an artistic exhibition in such a way tries to mingle history and marketing in a way that highlights the heritage of the house as its prime selling vantage point. In a way this is what the revamped Dior site is trying to accomplish as well.

Beyond the story of the perfume, nevertheless, the exhibition at the Grand Palais sketches a portrait of Christian Dior the man, revealing the artistic influences of the designer who began his career as an art dealer in Paris. The loft space then includes works by Salvador Dali and Man Ray. The history of the House of Dior is also traced through original documents, manuscripts and rare photos. The objects are grouped, each time accompanied by an iconic Dior couture gown. Those with an eye for fashion history won't be disappointed.

"The Spirit of Dior, Miss Dior" is free for the public.
From November 13 to 25 at the Curve Gallery at the Grand Palais in Paris, 11am to 8pm.

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  1. Eleonore20:26

    Thank you for this article and all the informations it contained: I'll be in Paris next week and I'll try to go and visit this exhibition.
    An enormous thank you too for telling us the old original Miss Dior was still sold under the name Miss DIor originale...I've never come across it and I just assumed that LVMH had simply made it disappear as some Guerlain fragrances have disappeared too. I'll try to find it :-)...I've read your article written in 2007 and it made me smile since a few years ago I had half a bottle of vintage Miss Dior belonging to my mother: I introduced the fragrance to younger girls too who told me how old lady it smelled :-)

  2. As you said. All about look and marketing while the house trashes the actual perfume formulas (and we're talking here also about Diorella, Diorissimo, etc etc).

    I went to the Gp website and correctly the thing is called "evenement", not "exposition" (although later there is an "exposition" of Cartier stuff). The central hall of GP has also hosted in recent years the competitor's (Chanel) fashion shows, while Dior had to do with less grand venues.


  3. Eleonore,

    you're most welcome! De rien :-)

    I believe that Dior is at a precarious stage right now regarding the old, original Miss Dior (Originale). There is no point in calling the new one the continuation of the old if there is an officially "original" one too. I believe (and this is a personal theory, please note) that they have issued the "Originale to appease the old customers; as soon as the old customers are no more (people die or move on) the Originale will cease to exist; there would be no point any more at that point. :-(

    Yes, funny how a debutant scent is now viewed as "old lady" (argh, such a silly term). I suppose it's all cultural nurturing, nothing more. Still, a couple of noses will pick greatness regardless. ;-)

  4. M,

    as I said above, there is a cunning "continuation of heritage" going on. The revamped website especially is crammed with this element. Apparently, if you got it, flaunt it, is the thinking behind this move. However, it does ring a big faux, due to all the reasons we discuss. I suppose it's very hard with the current IFRA climate to preserve everything intact (and such Roudnitska monuments at that), but still Guerlain or Chanel did a better job at keeping things to a standard.

    It's cute that Dior puts "exposition" in their affiche, as shown on the post, but Le Grand Palais puts "evenement"! The difference is subtle but significant.
    And yes, the competition with Chanel is ripe. :-D


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