Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Bond Night at Ormonde Jayne with Gifts & Discounts

For one day, tomorrow Thursday 28th November, Ormonde Jayne offers 20% discount for orders in person at the boutique and by phone at +44 (0)207 499 1100 and +44 (0) 207 730 1381 as well as a complimentary Bathil Oil which retails for 56GBP for the first 15 clients to purchase in store from 6pm.

This offer is eligible for the Royal Arcade boutique on 28 Old Bond Street, London, UK.
The party involving champagne and mince pies starts from 6pm-8pm.
Merry shopping!


  1. Now that is the MOST beautiful perfume shop I have ever seen!
    How I wish I was in London!!!

  2. It is pretty fabulous, isn't it.
    London has a great shopping perimeter.

    Hope you're peachy!


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