Friday, October 25, 2013

The Re-Issue of Indult, Perfumes Composed by Francis Kurkdjian

“I am very happy to see this fragrance collection under new ownership, permitting these perfumes presented under their original formulations to delight its owners”
– Francis Kurkdjian

As you may have surmised Indult is back. We had talked a bit on these pages on Indult, an old French word from 1498 signifying the privileges given by the french King or the Pope to esteemed individuals. The Christian Latin "Indultum" meaning "concession, favor" is at the root. With the desire to launch something that has comparable exclusivity rights as those bestowed upon by a king, Indult began as a niche line back in 2007 comprised by fragrances issued in only 999 bottles each, automatically entering you in the private club able to order a refill if you have purchased a bottle. Specifically we had zeroed on Tihota, a glorious vanilla fragrance.

So, good news! New owners for Indult, new direction and new bottles lifting the extremely restricted quantities mantle. The line is available at the usual suspect, Luckyscent and its brick & mortar equivalent The Scent Bar, exclusively.


  1. Leather lover that I am, I might just have to try the Reve en Cuir. Luckyscent is offering an October sample pack that includes all four plus others for a pretty good price.

  2. JW, yes, this is where the photo comes from.
    I think they're worth sampling, especially if at a good price.


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