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Elements Showcase 2013 Fragrance Highlights & Photos

August 19-20, 2013 saw the Elements Showcase holding their 6th edition at Skylight West 500 West 36th Street New York, NY with emerging and upcoming beauty and accessory brands. Two full floors were dedicated to the brands at the disposal of retail buyers' and members' of the press scrutiny. The white, crisp rooms were filled with high energy from product demonstrations, manicures, fragrances and innovation.

Fragrance brands ruled the event with offerings from Ego Facto, Olfactive Studio, Amouage (with their new Fate perfumes), Lalique, Histoires de Parfums, House of Sillage (with their limited edition bottles, the holiday scent one in a snow globe!) and Bond No. 9.
Leilani Bishop Fragrance presented 3 hand bag size roll on fragrances in sleek glass pen size containers holding perfume and fragrance oils in single note floral scents.

Launching later this year in the US is Dita Von Teese and Bat Man. Peter Schamberger from Luxess Group presented the fragrances and described how Dita has collected fragrance bottles for years and knows what she wants in fragrances.

Pozzo Di Borgo introduced 8 Mars 1764 that evokes the subtle aromas of a drop of cocgnac poured into a burning coffee, set on woody backdrop and 23 Janvier 1984 an intimate perfume that leaves a sensual and powdered trace on the skin yet is fresh and sophisticated. The scents are encased in a tall silhouetted flacon.

Memoire Liquide presented an assortment of the 150 specific scents that can be mixed to produce a tailor-made scent. The Bespoke line was originally launched in 1985 but was revived in 2007 for all those aficionados who were searching for something truly unique.

Perhaps the most innovative news of them all (replying to the eternal question How to Make My Fragrance Last Longer) was the introduction to the US market of Canvas & Concrete fragrance primer. How does it work? Spray a layer of Canvas (for women) or Concrete (for men) on your skin prior to your fragrance. The fragrance sits on top of the primer making it keep truer to the scent and last for longer. Cool!

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  1. Thank you for posting this! I didn't get to go to Elements (it always falls at a very bad time for work) but I was wondering what was new, and these are great highlights. The Canvas/Concrete sounds definitely worth checking out, but the 8 Mars 1740? scent also sounds fantastic, and I'd never heard of that line.

  2. Ellen00:14

    The idea of a primer that helps to make the fragrance last is marvelous. But does it really work?

  3. Anonymous07:34

    Yes, the Canvas/Concrete concept sounds rather good, although I am also wondering if it really works! The best tip I have had is that you should make sure you have an underneath layer of moisturiser (unscented) on, especially if you have dry skin, and this will help the perfume cling a bit longer. I think it helps.

  4. 23 Janvier 1984 sounds lovely. I also think the single note roller balls are nice to create your own pairings, maybe more than 3 is needed.Thanks

  5. I love how there's so much going on in perfumery! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Anonymous20:59

    Where will the Canvas primer be sold??? I want it! Thanks.

  7. Unseen,

    you're welcome.

    Sometimes a summing up is handy for later. ;-)

  8. Ellen,

    I couldn't really tell you with certainty. It largely depends. Let me explain myself:

    One previous product I had tried from another brand (around 8 years ago, no longer made) was working well for its purpose but had in itself (to my nose) a petrol scent of its own which made application unbearable to me.

    It all depends on one's own personal quirks and preferences, in the end. It just might!

  9. Jillie,

    thanks for saying so. Yes, a bit of oil specifically anchors things down ( that's why perfume oils last longer, they evaporate more slowly).
    A bit of jojoba oil works wonders too!

  10. Patriciacha,

    excellent point, they should give it some attention and produce a few more scents for combinations at Leilani!

  11. Gil,

    you're welcome.

    Perhaps there's TOO much going right now. I suppose the market and time will leave the cream surface.

  12. Anon,

    there's a dedicated site for these two products (with a cart option; Non affiliated link):

    Hope this helps and if you do go ahead and try it out, do let us know how it worked for you!

  13. Thanks for the website for the Canvas product. I wonder if unscented Vitamin E oil would work as well as the jojoba oil you recommended.

  14. JW,

    you're welcome.

    I believe the vit.E oil (any oil) would work too. The only reason I mention jojoba is because it's the closest to natural skin sebum (actually jojoba oil is a liquid wax, not an oil).


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