Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Asymetrique by Hermes: The Perfume Bottle That Was Not

Asymétrique by Hermes.
Material: Glass bottle and cap. Aluminum spray nozzle.
Finishes: Clear Glass with black etched logo. Polished Aluminum spray nozzle.
Special Features: Asymmetrical fluid cavity.

copyright Phillip Harris, used with permission on PerfumeShrine

This genuine marvel of design and technical ingenuity wasn't opted for use for commercial perfume bottles by Hermes, but the Harris Design team (headed by Phillip Harris) stationed in California, US (www.designbyharris.com), who designed it, deemed it too beautiful to let languish hidden. And I agree 100%!

Wouldn't you just love to hold this in your hand or see it atop your vanity table? Absolute class.

copyright Phillip Harris, used with permission on PerfumeShrine


  1. Good googly-moogly, that is gorgeous. Also - this perfume is news to me. Has this happened? Must google...

  2. Now THAT is how I want my bottles to look. Why did they not do special releases in them? So fabulous, though I also love the current shape and texture at Hermes, imagine this bottle with the gorgeous slippery finish. MMMMM
    Portia xx

  3. Anonymous01:43

    it's like a little ocean of perfume love.


  4. Oh, that's lovely. Shame that they're not using it.

  5. SS,

    yup, utterly beautiful.

    No, there is no such perfume. It was just a design which was developed by the team mentioned.

  6. Portia,

    thanks for chiming in and boy, am I not agreeing with you on that score enthusiastically. Classy and pleasing and not fussy.

    This is just a design which was or was not submitted: it wasn't clear from what I discussed with Phillip. The thing is it's too beautiful not to be shown in public, hence my post ;-) :-)

  7. C,

    we see eye to eye. :-)

  8. Sabine,

    please see my comment above to Portia.

    I am not sure whether they did consider it in the first place or it was just a toying idea on the part of the designing team. It's gorgeous all the same.

  9. Ah, very good, I'll take 50 mL of Doblis in this bottle, please.

  10. Jarvis,

    ah, the bottle of the sublime Doblis is mighty fine anyway, but this one would elevate the experience of actually spraying that ultra-precious, ultra-special juice!!

    Hope you're well and happy to see you on these pages.

  11. Hi all - Thank you for the kind words and encouragement.

    This was a design study that I worked on a year or so ago. It is interesting, in that, it is outside of my typical design style but I wanted to express asymmetry through use of an interesting fluid cavity.

    I never submitted this design to Hermes, but I would love to see it come to fruition someday :)

    All the best - Phil


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