Monday, July 1, 2013

Tale of Two Scents by Rosie Jane

I was sent info about an Australian-inspired duo of fragrances, Leila Lou and Tilly by Rosie Jane (Launched in May 2013) which I thought might interest my readers.

Inspired by time spent with family, a relaxing day on the beach of her native Australia and named in honor of her daughters Leila and Matilda , celebrity make-up artist Rosie Jane Johnston has bottled up blissful moments in these travel size 5ml roller balls you can see all cute up in the photo. Made from pure essential oils and the highest quality ingredients, as per the company, Leila Lou and Tilly are free of carrier oils, animal products and preservatives. They are also paraben, sulfate, phthalate and phosphate free and come in 100% recyclable packaging, for those of us who search for a concern-free product.
Leila Lou blends notes of pear blossom, jasmine, vanilla and fresh cut grass, while Tilly, reminiscent of a relaxing day at the beach, is full of notes of grapefruit, coconut and tropical gardenia. The two fragrances are available as 5ml rollerballs for 35$ at


  1. Miss Heliotrope02:32

    Sweet in a couple of meanings.

    & everyone must go to different beaches than I do: all I ever get is old, not-quite nice sunblock, the picnic lunch of the people along a bit, the rotten-apple smell natural to old beach bags that havent been used for a year, and (of course the nice one) the actual salt & sand & water...

    Not sure I could charge as much for most of those.

  2. MH

    ha, the beach has a ton of smells around, so true!! :-)


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