Saturday, February 23, 2013

Cire Trudon Merida: new candle scent

 For its new home scent, Mérida, Cire Trudon has called on Arquiste Parfumeur, famous for its unique creativity and perfumes that seek inspiration in the olfactive memory close to the candle making house?s universe. For this collaboration, the exceptional flair of Arquiste Parfumeur has chosen Mexico as a territory of expression, and more precisely the town of Mérida situated in the peninsula of the Yucatan. The fragrance exudes a rich guava smell, alongside touches of mahogany and ?palo primavera?. A subtile touch of firework powder perfects this creation that brings warmth and colour to the haciendas of this colonial city where Charlotte, Princess of Belgium and Empress of Mexico was magnificently welcomed in 1865. This fruity harmony is a first in the myriad of fragrances created by Cire Trudon. Mérida is to be discovered from February 18th in the Maison Trudon's flagship store situated in the rue de Seine in Paris 6th arrondissement.

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