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What Will 2013 Bring? Upcoming Fragrance Launches

The year has began and anticipation is building. For those of you who read Italian, Simona Savelli over at has done a most interesting post on past "cult" perfumes from years ending in 3, just like 2013, wondering what new cult classic the new year will bring forth.

I won't go that far ahead just yet, but in the interests of sorting out the mess, I have highlighted some of the more anticipated or more prime for snark perfume releases of 2013 with a little commentary of my own on why they're looked forward to in one way or another. Many thanks to Robin of NST and to the  Fragrantica Perfume Encyclopedia for archiving the industry news. The dates below mostly refer to US releases (sometimes Europe gets some releases ahead or vice versa). If you have more conclusive info on specific dates or anything else to comment upon, don't hesitate to add it in the comments.

Anna Sui La Vie de Bohème: Remember those gothic black bottles of the original Sui or the dolly head scary ones for Dolly Girl? I expect something visually striking again.

Balenciaga L’Eau Rose (March 2013): Every Balenciaga fragrance has tongues wagging, because they have perfect top to bottom design (even if they're not entirely groundbreaking). Hopeful. 

Bottega Veneta Eau Légère (February 2013): The original Bottega Veneta EDP is a hard act to follow and was as perfect as perfection goes. I wonder if lightening would be needed, but then a summery version perhaps would be good.   

Carven new fragrance for women: When was the last time Carven issued a fragrance? Right...The uber-classic Ma Griffe and the elusive Carven Vetiver are legends. Let's see!

Castelbajac new fragrance: No name yet. The original smelled of children's glue and almonds.

Chloé See by Chloé (February 2013): One of my readers is taken with a scent strip smelled in a magazine. She says it's a fruity floral with a yummy subtle vanilla. Hoping for more of the Love, Chloe camp than the screechy soapy Chloe by Chloe.

Christian Dior Hypnotic Poison Eau Secrète (January 2013):  Eau Sensuelle was a lighter version of the Hypnotic Poison brand which smelled quite true. Is another "eau" needed? Who knows. We'll find out soon enough.

Elizabeth & James (Olsen twins) debut fragrance (March 2013): Gossip columns anticipated that for some time. The time has come. (Can't bring myself to say "finally")

Givenchy fragrance for men fronted Simon Baker (Spring 2013): The preliminary ads for Givenchy Gentleman with mr.Mentalist gallantly holding the umbrella look promising. Could this be something different enough for Givenchy to recalibrate their image?

Gucci Gucci Museo Forever Now (early 2013): If only because the name is so non sensical.
Gucci Guilty Black & Guilty Black Pour Homme (February 2013): The bottles looks fetching. 

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Beau Male (February 2013) : A flanker, but Le Male is an uncontested best-seller for years, so its variations pose an interest.

Jimmy Choo Flash (March 2013) : The shoe brands are going strong. 

Jo Malone Sugar & Spice collection (March 2013): The previous Tea Collection was rather good. The Spice part has me excited, the Sugar one not so much.

Kanye West debut fragrance from Parlux: What celebritoid have we had shoved down our throats this past year? You guessed it. 

La Maison de la Vanille Intense Patchouli, Ambre Secret & Royal Oud: Something non especially vanillic from la Maison de la Vanille. Oh, and an oud! (fancy that!)

L’Artisan Parfumeur Caligna (Spring 2013): No major info yet ("addictive and aromatic" is the bit I leaned), but it's not a Duchaufour which might be interesting in its own right. 

Louis Vuitton debut fragrance by perfumer Jacques Cavallier : We have been talking about this for some time. Let there be light!

Maison Francis Kurkdjian new fragrace (September 2013): Because the niche house generates its own buzz.

Malle Frederic for Dries van Noten: a new fragrance is being developed and we will hear about it soon. 

Marni by Marni (February 2013): Preliminary tweets talking about "burning flowers" are intriguing.

Repetto debut fragrance (with InterParfums, 2013): The famous flats now come accessorized with scent.

Roberto Cavalli Just Cavalli (February 2013): Cavalli will soon have its own spot in hell along with Boss, Gucci, Ferre and Dior for confusing us so very much with the sameness in the perfume names.

Salvatore Ferragamo Acqua Essenziale (February 2013): Shoe brands are busier than ever!

Serge Lutens La Fille de Berlin (February 2013): Every Serge is highly anticipated. (And just wait till La Vierge en Fer rolls out later on in the year in the Exclusives line)

Versace Pour Homme Oud Noir (January 2013): Versace didn't have an Oud or a Noir in their line up, did they? Double whammy.

Yves Rocher Ambre Noir (January 2013): Yves Rocher makes some more upscale fragrances and this one looks like the men's equivalent of their feminine Ambre, with deep foresty notes. Could be the bargain of the year, we'll see.  Note the "noir" again in the name. (With that much pitch black darkness it's a wonder anyone will be able to see where they put their bottles)

Zac Posen debut fragrance: Another designer brand which might potentially be a good entry into the world of fragrances. 

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  1. brie10:38

    Most interested in the Jo Malone and would not mind sampling the Chloe See (although I do not always gravitate toward mainstream as many smell so similar to each other).
    Very curious, what was the AG that was released in 1983- Folavril? (my eyes are so bad I can not read the label :) !!)

  2. That's Passion, one of favorites (and reviewed here).


  3. one of MY favorites...(sorry about the all important word missing)

  4. brie16:33

    yes! Passion! i had completely forgotten about that beauty! Don't worry about typos -I am notorious for those :) !!

  5. Eleonore18:13

    I am looking forward to smelling La Fille de Berlin by Serge Lutens and I hope I will love it: such a gorgeous colour for a start...! I'm not very keen on the others..But Serge Lutens fragrances never leave me indifferent:-)
    Happy new year to you Elena, I didn't have the opportunity to send my wishes yet! May it be beautiful for you and your loved ones and bring you what you wish for:-) And thank you again for your beautiful blog I enjoy reading even if I don't leave comments very often!

  6. Looking at the db for the years ending in 3 uncovers stuff I'd really like to smell
    13: Ashes of violet, Borgia. And already then a Lys noire
    23: Guerlain bouquet de faunes
    33 Cocaina en flor (33 being the year of vol de nuit, not of the creeds, btw).

    I haven't paid attention - is Loboutin parfum already out? By necessity, it will be in a 10 inch stiletto heel bottle.


  7. Miss Heliotrope06:50

    So we're playing perfume bingo? Looks like you have a good card...

  8. Eleonore,

    thank you so very much for your kind compliment, your lovely wishes and for taking the time to devote a segment of your day to Perfumeshrine. I'm honoured!

  9. M,

    those are excellent ideas!! One can hope.

    I don't believe Louboutin is out. I think not. But no more stiletto heel bottles, didn't like Rihana's one bit....

  10. C,

    that'd be a concept!!!

  11. solanace22:33

    Gucci Museo Forever Now. That one was funny!

  12. Really good (and thorough) listing. Although I look at it and I'm thinking that --and it may be just too early to say -- this is a good year to sit on the sidelines.

    I wish I could be more excited about an Olsen Twins scent or a new Versace (hey, another Oud...and a Noir...almost missed that bandwagon!), but I feel less than enthused about the prospects the more I'm hearing.

  13. S,

    apparently it's inspired by their Gucci Museum and the exhibitions there, but it does sound funny as hell! :-)

  14. A,

    and it's only half of what has been announced so far, apparently! Imagine the tons of juice trickling down (so to speak) counters soon!

    I suppose the Olsen Twins scent will have fashionistas talking, not "us". The Versace sounds deja vu already.

    In short, I agree with you. Too much talking about too many fragrances and somehow the edge is taken off and the anticipation blunts...


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