Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bunch of Perfume News & Fragrance Releases

“J’Adore is a huge inspiration on a lot of different home-care products such as air fresheners and cleaners”. Dior for home? Think again.
Before she cleans a client’s home, Liz Phillips finds out how they prefer their kitchen and bathroom to smell. The real-estator-mom-turned-entrepreneur founded Golden Touch Professional Services and taps into the increasingly relevant scent-sensitive market for cleaning one's home. Household products producing companies aren't far behind: Procter and Gamble has a new line of Dawn dish soap called Dawn Destination. The scents include Mediterranean Lavender, New Zealand Springs and Thai Dragon Fruit. Clorox has a line of Green Works products that includes a “Water Lily” scent. The S.C. Johnson Co. has added Multi-Surface Glade Magic Meadow to their line of Windex products. It boasts the scent of “fresh greens, morning dew and white jasmine.” Unlike more perfumey antecedents, these new compounds don’t simply mask other less desirable smells. 

Deborah Betz, a senior fragrance-development manager at International Flavors & Fragrances, says the country’s Hispanic population has a significant influence on the market.[...] “Clorox has a line that’s marketed in Latin America called Poett,” Betz says. “What they decided to do is relaunch it in the United States as Fraganza. It’s selling very, very well.” Hispanics tend to use stronger fragrances in their homes, Betz says. Fabuloso, an all-purpose cleaner marketed in Latin America by Colgate-Palmolive, is being used by more non-Hispanic consumers in the United States. Scents include Lavender, Passion of Fruits and Ocean Paradise. “Fresh marine notes are very hot,” Betz says. “Very fruity scents are very hot, too: berries, apples, melon.” When it comes to cleaning products, some upscale perfumes can also set the tone, like above-mentioned J'Adore.[source] There may soon come a day when your Dior might remind someone of their clean countertop...

 On the other hand online niche perfume distributor Luckyscent celebrates its decennial anniversary and for that occasion they issued the Decennial Collection, a line of four new in-house scents. "Our 10-year anniversary made us look back at the road we've traveled to see how far we have come. To honor our special occasion, we desired something both celebratory and meaningful. That something turned out to be The Decennial Collection, a set of four fragrances created in collaboration with perfumers Andy Tauer and Jérome Epinette. Decennial is a reflection of who we are and, because it has such a strong influence on us, where we live: Los Angeles, a city of incredible diversity with a undeniably unique personality. This quartet is an abstract reflection of our journey, a tip of our collective hat to who we are, how we got here, and where we hope to go.
The fragrances include Nuit Épicée (almond, cumin, rhubarb, cistus, violet, blond woods, black amber, praline), Santal Sacré (ginger, elemi, incense, white musks, papyrus, Australian sandalwood), Bois Bourbon (saffron, cinnamon bark, lavender, heliotrope, black rose, cedarwood, beach birch, oak moss), all by Jérome Epinette and last but not least Lys du Desert (bergamot, rose, green lily, dry cistrose, iris root, ambergris, dry cedar) by Andy Tauer.

And irreverent niche brand Le Labo introduces all their perfumes in oil form this Novemeber. "Dear hippie hiding under your skin - unleash yourself: your fragrance now comes as a perfume oil ! Le Labo's full range of creations is available in botanical safflower oil presented in a 1 ounce perfume eyedropper, to be carried anywhere and to be used everywhere: from your pulse points, your mane, your neck, your cleavage to your beard... That sounded weird, I just pictured a bearded bombshell..." (30ml/0.9fl.oz for 90 euros)


  1. I wonder if those makes will come to my neck of the woods!
    Room sprays can be really lovely or .... yik! LOL

    Mind you Helg - if I buy a scent I do not like I will use it as a room spray :)

  2. Miss Heliotrope23:55

    & then they try to ban classic perfume ingredients bc people are allergic!

    I maintain that in some way (see how scientific I am), it is all the cheap(ish) stuff used for everything in our lives that overdose the allergic, but often we dont really notice them. Then someone turns up wearing perfume & gets the blame.

    I've always prefered yellow or olive oil soap or white vinegar & bicarb for cleaning. If I want to smell fruit, I'll buy some from the green grocer's.

    Adding scent after cleaning is nice - open windows, flowers (or leaves; herbs, my current oak sprig), candles, or perfume I dont wont wear sprayed around, but not to be part of cleaning.

    May be a bit grouchy -

  3. Hm, Luckyscent perfumes make me curious, but they seem a litlle bit expensive

  4. M,

    the cleansing products most definitely; the rest are available online, surely.

    I don't know...I have done this in the past, but surely if you really, REALLY don't like something, why impose it on yourself even if airborne? I just give those away or swap them nowadays.

  5. C,

    not grouchy at all! You have a point.

    Actually it's true that overexposure to an allergen does end up provoking a reaction. And overexposure DOES happen through environmental triggers, cheap or otherwise (no matter, if it sensitizes, it sensitizes, that's it, period) and a LOT of that has to do with products used for cleansing and air scenting etc. (Just walk into a public toilet or a chain boutique of clothes and if your eyes don't water from the scented plug-ins, then you tell me...)

  6. Coffeecat,

    they do sound nice, though I can definitely see your point regarding price (and thanks for commenting).
    I believe that as nowadays that only the luxe end of the market is moving, presenting something in the low range just isn't going to appear credible and "good enough" to the consumers (there's an ingrained snobbiness in the perfume buying audience now; especially the niche one, which Luckyscent aims at, one might say, LOL!).
    It's the way it is, apparently. It's a bummer, I agree... :-(


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