Friday, September 21, 2012

Odin 08 Seylon: new fragrance

Niche fragrance brand Odin New York is introducing a new perfume with a play on Sri Lanka and its vetiver harvests. 08 Seylon is a vision of vetiver accompanied by notes than enhance its unique character.

According to the blurb:

"The creation of 08 Seylon communicates a new understanding of vetiver through a calming blend of rich, earthy aromas. During the initial stages of development it was essential that the fragrance represent actual vetiver, extracted from the root. With this in mind, not only is the finished concept an authentic interpretation, it also reflects perfumer, Phillipe Romano’s idea that imposing structures such as orientals, woods, spices with exotic shades should transport you far away."

Notes for Odin 08 Seylon: Yuzu, Bitter Orange, Bergamot, Nutmeg, Resinous Elemi, Wormwood, Benzoin, Damp Oakmoss, Vetiver

100ml of Eau de Parfum will retail for 165$.


  1. brie14:23

    this fragrance sounds lovely with some of my favorite notes (yuzu, bitter orange,elemi, oakmoss....) and I like the dark amber color of the juice!

  2. Stephan13:39

    Without that blurb the fragrance would be much more enticing . . .

  3. B,

    it does sound interesting!

  4. Stephan,

    you should talk with the Luckyscent people and their copy writers I'd wager. ;-)

    Sometimes too promising copy kills a frag, true.


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