Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Good News on the Regulations Front: Macrocyclic and Cinnamyl Phenyl Propyl fragrance Ingredients Proven Safe

"The Research Institute for Fragrance Materials, Inc. (RIFM) now has available, from its web site at, human health safety assessments on Macrocyclic and Cinnamyl Phenyl Propyl fragrance Ingredients. Found in the Publications section of the RIFM site, Toxicologic and Dermatologic Assessments for Three Groups of Fragrance Ingredients: 1) Macrocyclic Ketones, 2) Macrocyclic Lactones and Lactides, 3) Cinnamyl Phenyl Propyl was published in Food and Chemical Toxicology, Vol 49, Suppl 2S, Dec 2011 and is already one of the journal's top ten downloaded publications. Included in the review of the three groups are 24 related Fragrance Material Reviews (FMRs).  Printed copies can be ordered from the RIFM Online Store."

These popular materials, used in different scented uses (fragrance, functional products, air care,cosmetics) and carrier/disolving purposes have proven to be "practically nonirritating, have a low sensitization potential, no genotoxicity potential and a low order of repeat dose toxicity".

Read more here:

News via  The Sacramento Bee where you can read the whole article.

photo showing the hull of a boat that was painted with a coating containing macrocyclic lactones, with the exception of the stripe down the middle via

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  1. Well, that's a relief! Next up: water

  2. P,


    I think this whole mania is just wasting too much time, energy and money on things that are not THAT harmful to begin with. I guess the rest have disadvantages in researching thoroughly though ;-)


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