Thursday, May 10, 2012

Another Lutens Perfume Joins the Bell Jars of the Exclusives

The Lutens team is busy transporting fragrances from line to line, export to exclusive and vice versa. You can refer to our Lutens page for news updates on these issues (and reviews of the fragrances of course!).

In the spirit of this constant transition, which is keeping fans interested (and detractors annoyed), Fleurs de Citronnier (i.e. lemon tree blossoms), "a floral breeze" as described in the press material, is the latest to take its place alongside the other beautiful bell jars at Les Salons du Palais Royal in Paris, France.
Fleurs de Citronnier isn't solely a Paris exclusive though, at least for the time being, as the spray bottle is still available on the official Lutens site.


  1. I have only sampled SL-scents so far and never seen the bottles IRL so to speak. I'm curious, are the bell-jars bottles with sprays or are you supposed to dab (myself I much prefer spraying to dabbing)?

  2. All the bell jars are dab ons. No sprays. The sprays are all in the export line. So you're set :-) (though I believe Les Salons, should you fall in love with a bell, would mail it to you in Sweden)


  3. I love Fleurs de Citronnnier, but seldom wear it. Anything in that gorgeous bell jar would look good!

  4. M,

    I seldom wear it myself. I don't know, it's a got a soapy finish which sometimes grates on my nerves (not that I am averse to soapy per se). Perhaps I don't expect that from SL! Yes, the bells look good. Especially tucked in a row, all together...

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