Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Pleasant Surprise

Ever have done something which was still in a liquid state, so to speak, walked away from it and then forgot all about it? This happened to me yesterday.

The FiFi Awaards Finalists Breakfast was held on April 27th at the Mandarin Oriental in NYC and long-distance I suddenly learn I made it to the 2012 Finalists for Editorial Excellence on my article published last December! My editor at The Perfume Magazine, Raphaella Barkley thus garnered two noms, the other being by her contributor Neil Stenberg. Congrats go to Victoria from Bois de Jasmin for her winning article. All the finalists of the editorial categories and perfume categories can be found on the Fifi Awards blog with links.

If you're interested to read my article on "On Making Sense out of Scents" (concerning the structure of perfume and why notes don't always correspond to what you smell), please refer to this link.

To friends who asked me in email why articles on here weren't in the run (never have been, actually), this is because although invited to, the blog isn't based in the US (even if it appears to sometimes thanks to readability across the pond), which is a basic requirement for entering. I have to thank Raphaella for both times picking my articles on her webzines, trusting in me and submitting them herself to such happy results. All accolades to her!


  1. Miss Heliotrope08:46

    Fab - even more people may find out how great this blog is.

  2. solanace10:46

    This blog is great. I love the approach of Elena's really well researched articles, which consider history, background, chemical composition, notes, subjective impressions, bottles, related imagery... All that in such nicely written pieces, what a delight!

  3. it doesn't matter if you are not based in the US yet i wish you all the energy and the inspiration to always come up with well written, researched posts!

  4. Hey, that IS a great surprise! Congratulations :-)

  5. Olfacta19:06

    Yeeess! Congratulations, E!

  6. Eva H.22:02

    And well deserved!

  7. Eleonore22:49

    Congratulations! I'm not surprised! Your articles are always thorough, well written, with accurate, beautiful photos, paintings or musical videos to illustrate them, no wonder they are distinguished: you deserve it totally! Congratulations to Raphaella Barkley too for her trust in you! And please, please, keep this delightful blog going: such a treat to read you:-)

  8. Anonymous06:31

    Congratulations are definitely in order, and the recognition of your writing is well deserved. Your articles are always interesting and informative. ~danoji~

  9. Love your blog Helg!!

  10. MH,

    I'm touched by your words. Thank you!

  11. Solanace,

    very kind of you to say so. Hopefully all these angles don't get lost and readers do use some of the better articles as a reference. It's heartening to see such feedback, thanks!

  12. Λειντι ντι,

    many heartfelt warm thanks for your wishes and your support! It means a LOT to me. :-)
    And I hope everything goes well in your life as well.

  13. Thank you D, you know how it is, there are so many submissions from all over the US I really had put it out of my mind. And then, bah! Thanks for your kind wishes, much appreciated!

  14. P,

    it's an honour to have you wishing me here, thanks so much, and it's a great pleasure getting to know you. You're among my favs too!

  15. Eva,

    thank you honey, I'm very pleased having you stop by to say so. You're a doll. :-)

  16. Eleonore,

    sincere thanks for all your lovely compliments. I only hope I prove worthy of such praise.
    Raph did her best and trusted me blindly, not editing one iota (!), plus highlighting the article superbly. I'm deeply thankful for her contribution.

  17. Danoji,

    thanks for sayins so, it's a great pleasure interacting with you guys here and it's the best satisfaction and learning arc possible really. So thank you!

  18. M,

    you're very sweet, thank you!
    (and how are things going? missed you!)

  19. Anonymous10:57

    Your blog posts and the blog layout are a joy to read and navigate! Beyond awards, approval is confirmed by your readers! <3

  20. A,

    lovely compliment and very satisfactory to hear navigation is easy and pleasant here; it's always a concern and a most valid one on the part of readers to expect ease. Thanks for commenting!

  21. Mimi Gardenia16:10

    Congratulations Elena . Well done and I truly love your blog. I think I would be lost without it. Your knowledge and your writing skills are excellent . Thanks for years of interesting and educational reading.
    Mimi Gardenia. XXX

  22. Congratulations Elena

  23. M,

    thank you so much for your encouragement and support! I'm honoured to have readers such as yourself here and I try to measure up to all you so kindly say. Not an easy task! :-)

  24. Christo,

    σ'ευχαριστώ ειλικρινά!! Νά'σαι καλά!

    Thanks again for saying so!


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