Friday, March 2, 2012

Guerlain Mon Nouveau Parfum: These Boots Were Made for Walking

Nancy Sinatra's classic song "These Boots Were Made for Walking" put to use for Guerlain's new video clip animation to promote their La Petite Robe Noire perfume.

What do you think?

NEWSFLASH: My source confirms my theory that the clip is released to promote the now wider distribution of former boutique exclusive La Petite Robe Noire. It makes absolute sense in that regard.


  1. right now I don't really get the association. I haven;t smelt the perfume either. But judging by the clip, which I find an attempt maybe to get a younger audience a la Lancome, maybe one day we will see Emma Watson as their face, I think it is too sweet, too sex and the city style, too banal maybe. I would have expected something more sophisticated, cleverer maybe? what do you think?

  2. Eleonore16:40

    If somebody didn't know Guerlain belongs to B Arnault (Dior, Givenchy,etc..the bling-bling culture of present days) now they know don't they? all for marketing.....I like Nancy Sinatra's song and the video is sweet but it doesn't fit with my image of Guerlain...And believe me I love modern's just that it all seems like Guerlain given to BA is as we say in French: giving jam to pigs!!!!

  3. I love this commercial, I think it's very cute and it seems to fit the image of LPRN well. I have no problem with Guerlain having one girly scent as long as it's well made. I've never had a chance to smell it but who knows, maybe now it will be availible in Sweden?

  4. I really like it. The whole thing screams of Paris, full of positive, chic energy, and the song fits the black licorice theme.

  5. I like it a lot too, I find it very cute, fun and chic, and I think it's very in keeping with the fragrance itself. And I love the reference of the girl in the swing, transferring it to the Arc de Triomphe... Also, a thumbs up for not using a celebrity face:-)

  6. L,

    the perfume isn't anything to write home about IMO. It's a sweet tangy berryish thing, arguably better composed than most but not exactly fitting with Guerlain heritage, if you get my drift.
    Therefore the ad does fit with the younger-aiming perfume, but would that be the whole point?
    I'd say that it's cute but not exactly clever (I always expect something really sensuous from the people who have given us this -btw, excellent 80s makeup there).
    It's nice that it's an animation at any rate.

  7. E,

    excellent point! I think the LVMH shadow is hard to cast aside. As you say, it's not what one expects of Guerlain, though it's cute. (It would be great for a young and upbeat brand like MJ or something)

    Salle comble? :-?

  8. Eva,

    the clip is well-made and indeed girly. So is the scent. I'm not its greatest fan, but even I have to admit that in the dross of sweet berryish things on the market, it's high and above the competition in its respective category.
    I think they're keeping LPRN as a big US seller in the exclusive circuit (hence the Anglo song) and again a boutique exclusive in Europe. Absolutely no idea why.

  9. U,

    it's a cute clip, we can't deny that. It's nice that they showcase some of the emblems of Paris through a youngish energy, as you say. I find that the city is not as dead and museum-fied as some try to show sometimes.

    Now, as to the perfume, well...I think they have done better and I am also referring to recent, modern juice as well, not just classics.

  10. A,

    the animation part is a smart choice; a celebrity face would totally ruin things IMO, especially for something like this (it'd have to be someone young, but playfully cute, yet not vapid, and I'd surmiss that's not easy task and we'd end up talking about the celebrity instead of the brand).

  11. I forgot to add that perhaps (this is a theory) they're looking into expanding the distribution of this one, as they routinely do not do promos on their boutique exclusives.
    To be honest, this should be in their mainstream counter, as a better alternative than all those berry things by other brands, rather than besides Vega and Derby in the exclusives.

  12. Confirmation arrived through my source: the scent will become widely available.


  13. Love! So cute. (I wish the figure weren't paperclip thin, but otherwise, love.)

  14. unseen censer,

    the media would apparently die a hundred deaths before promoting something with a plump figure, but let's bypass that...
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  15. Civava,

    it's well done, yes. The animation part livens it.

    I would like something cleverer as a concept, myself, but for what it is it's very cute.


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