Saturday, March 3, 2012

Five Scents to Turn Men Off

Or "how to write a bad piece of fragrance advice". The following article appearing unacredited (thankfully) on is indicative of the widely-spread view that it suffices to take tips from here & there on your lunch hour in order to write an article that offers some insights into scents. Apparently, it's not that easy, unless you want to perpetuate gross mistakes (sandalwood is a herb?? kiwi is a citrus??) and boring clichés that group poor men into a herd of cattle that can't think for themselves. Then of course the article proceeds on suggesting at least one citrus fruity scent and an ambery one! Taking into consideration the site focuses on "how to" articles and videos, I'd say this is seriously bad judgment into accepting such an article in the first place. Why is that everyone suddenly poses as an expert in just any random field?

If you're still curious on which scents supposedly turn men off (though, dear reader, we have compiled a rather critical map on Perfumes that Attract Men and Scents that Turn Women On that is more researched on these very pages acknowledging all the while we're catering to an inherently demeaning question to both asker and askee) the writers on above-mentioned article mention: citrus fruits, rose, chocolate, honeydew, too much sandalwood & amber.

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  1. That artical about which types of perfume to avoid was just plain offensive to me. It practically said to just avoid wearing perfume. I'm gonna wear what I want.

  2. I always find these articles offensive (to men, first of all!!! and to women stooping to such "tricks" to get their attention), but this one takes the cake for bad journalism as well.

    Thanks for venting! :-)


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