Sunday, March 18, 2012

Armani Prive Cuir Noir: new fragrance

From Cordoba in Spain to the foothills of the Atlas Mountains...Leather tanning is an ancient and refined art and the fragrances which utilize this slightly primitive, animalic scent of the hides have been the fascinating milieu of some of the most sophisticated perfumes in the history of perfume-making. The wild scent of tallow teams with the smouldering, tarry aroma of black birch and the powerful accord of Russian hide gives way to the smoother notes that evoke the matte beige lightness and softness of suede. Giorgio Armani, no stranger to this universe of scent, is supplementing his exclusive collection with one such fragrance, giving an opulent interpretation for modern tastes.

Armani Privé is issuing a new fragrance in the collective opus of sumptuous wooden bottles, set to circulate more widely this spring: Cuir Noir.

Part of the even more opulent collection Les Mille et Une Nuits within the Armani Privé brand, the new Cuir Noir is an olfactory tale that pays homage to the orient and the eternal fascination with the East. This new oriental adventure, just like Oud Royal, Rose d'Arabie and Ambre Orient before it, depicts the perfumes and enchanted atmosphere of the Arabian Nights. The fragrances form a quartet of dreams, inspired by blue desert nights and whispers seeping through ornate arabesque grilles.

The perfumer has tamed the exotic nature of noble and rebellious ingredients, sweetened the sharpness of "gold and spice" and softened smoke and resin. For Cuir Noir the perfumer envisioned a gradiation of ambery shades, from golden blond through reddish copper to deep brown; a soft suede texture; and the velvety creaminess of a liquer.
To accomplish that, the opening was constructed to immediately smell of rose essence paired with Australian sandalwood, set off by a hint of coriander and nutmeg. The progression is more textured with leathery and smoky notes of gaiac and oud alternating. The base is sweet with Tahitian vanilla absolute and benzoin balm.

The new Cuir Noir will be available at select stockists who carry the Armani Privé line.


  1. Cuir and noir in one name. The fragrance should better be totally stunning... although when one says black leather, I rather imagine Hell's Angels than Oriental adventures. I grew up in a garage and well, black leather starts a chain of imagination that continues as 'sky blue BMW M3', '98 octane gasoline' and 'I should learn to drive'. Last week, my father took me to his car barn. The subject of cars and racing is not welcome in our house (oh, hi, mom) so I wasn't aware how many of them he had collected - and there's another BMW on the way, and a Mercedes convertible.

    At which point, another application of cuir comes: deerskin for polishing.

  2. L,

    your association sounds perfect to me, actually. Leather & cars is a natural ;-)

    I do hope this is as promising as it sounds. Will see.

    Hope you're well! Sorry I lost touch.

  3. This was released in Dubai a few months ago.

    Benzoin volcano this one.
    Instantly reminded me of Ambre Fetiche.

    The rose is not very prominent initially..

    Nice but maybe not worth $250. But smells high quality.

    Then t becomes sweet , rosy and plenty of oud. It's the sweet type of oud.

    Also, it's not a Cuir de russe or knize ten leather. More of a Tuscan leather, Cuir ottoman and Cuiron leather.

  4. That's excellent to know!

    It's funny that now the oud fragrances are first released in Dubai and the Gulf states and then in Europe and the US, isn't it? It sounds to me like catering to those markets in a westernised manner, reselling them what is inherently theirs to begin with. But maybe that's just my quirk ;-)

    Thanks for commenting! :-)


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