Saturday, February 4, 2012

Some Changes

The beginning of the new year (are we into February already?) sparks a desire to re-organise things and with that in mind and the spring-clean looming in the distance I have established some small changes on the site to make it more practical and useful to you, my trusty readers.

You will notice that I have removed the Monthly Archives on the right-hand column as they were just cluttering up the page. You can still find them on the Sitemap under Blog Archives, if you recall a particular season rather than a particular subject and want to refresh your memory.
I have also compiled an Index of Fragrance Reviews by Note which is especially useful to newbies (but not bad for experienced perfume lovers as well); say, if you're looking for fragrances or information about civet or incense, for instance, it's much more convenient to have all relevant things in one place. This is where the magic of tabs comes handy. Please help me out into pointing out if I missed something you want to include.
The Index of Fragrance Reviews by House is still there on the Sitemap, if you recall the manufacturer. I also intend to compile one by perfumer, in case you want to zoom into a specific perfumer's "style", having discovered you click with it (or want to avoid another's!); hopefully this will be soon up.

Finally, I have removed the Personalised Google Search gadget from the right-hand column and gave it its own seperate Search page. It still works like a charm (you can write anything and it will land you to all posts on Perfume Shrine containing your search word) and declutters the page.
And remember that clicking the Older Posts link at the end of the stream of current posts (on the Home Page) will get you back chronologically, in case there's something recent you missed.

Hope you enjoy the changes and please don't hesitate to write me if you find any broken links.

photo of Tuesday Weld via starletshowcase


  1. This is brilliant! I love your new organization so much that I'm going to copy it for our blog (a yoga blog, not a perfume blog).

  2. Morticia03:25

    Very good indeed E.

  3. K.G.05:38


  4. Love the new format; well done.


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