Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Smelling Babies and Teenagers

'I inhaled deeply. “Ummm, baby!” I exclaimed
“What did you expect her to smell like? Dog?” asked my teenage son.
I gave him a stink eye.
“Babies smell good. You used to smell good when you were a baby,” I retorted.
“I still smell good,” he argued.
“No, now you smell like boy. Teenage boy. It’s a combination of dirty socks and too much body spray. That smell is only appealing to teenage girls and video game manufacturers.”

At last. A wittily written article on experiencing scent, drawing on the singularly pleasurable sniffing experience of smelling that sweet, clean, cozy baby smell...and contrasting it with how teenagers grow up to smell.
You can read the whole (hilarious and so true) thing on this link. 


  1. Anonymous07:19

    It was a fun read. Thanks for the link.

    -- Lindaloo

  2. L,

    you're welcome, it's rare that scent is treated outside of the box in mainstream press. So every little nugget is worthwhile. :-)

  3. The teenage boy smell didn't even appeal to me when I was a teenage girl.

  4. Anonymous18:06

    Thank you, E. Histerical and so true, especially the part about the advantages of someone else's baby. My three darlings are no longer babies and although they don't smell like socks and body spray (yet) they do stink of various things that are not baby-like. We have started to really insist on perfect hygiene but with boys it is an uphill battle. Sometimes, after a bath and once he is fallen asleep, I can sneak up to my 4 year old, press my nose to his head, inhale and get a ghostly whiff of the baby he once was.


  5. Elisa,

    I can see how this is also absolutely a valid option!
    Adolescence: what sweet despair :-)

  6. N,

    that's such a sweet image :-)
    They do keep a nuzzling, fuzzy, warmish scent about them. Precious!

  7. Rappleyea19:53

    Awww... I loved this! And great baby foot picture. I don't read soles (or palms for that matter), but that baby has an interesting star pattern on its foot.

    Thanks, E.!

  8. D,

    thanks honey, glad you enjoyed. :-)
    The photo is precious, isn't it? I hadn't noticed the star till you mentioned it!


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