Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Chris Evans: The Actor who Loves Fragrance

"It's not too classy what I was dousing myself with, but I always made sure I used something," the Captain America actor and currently, alongside actress Evan Rachel-Wood, face of Gucci Guilty reveals to People magazine. Though Chris Evans would of course endorse his current advertising stint for Gucci, it's cute to hear him say: "I like it. Thank god - wouldn't that be horrible if it smelled terrible?"

The actor is sincere on actually liking fragrance in general: He initially sported his father's colognes when he was a teenager and then began to use Polo Sport and various Abercrombie scents in his twenties.
 He even seems to be knowledgable regarding discreet fragrance application: "I give the little mist, then do the walk-through." [source]
Way to go, Chris!

Dear readers, if you don't fancy Captain America, do yourself a favour and catch Puncture with Chris Evans; that's a great movie and he was pretty great in it too.


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  2. Well, I did fancy Captain America and I'm looking forward to Puncture as well; I think it's wonderful he can go from playing such a sweet and good-natured character to playing a darker, contradictory one. Also, his candour is such a rare thing in this age of PR...

  3. Thank you for the movie recommendation. :)
    And I really enjoy lookig at him as Captain America - it's just funny and cute. :)

    I still need to watch the movie though...

  4. He was really good in Push, with Dakota Fanning. I love that movie.

  5. Little Red06:33

    That's really cute.

  6. Salon,

    if you want to openly advertise, please contact us for rates. Otherwise the comments are going to be deleted as spam.

  7. P,

    yeah, gotta love an actor who is nuanced and can play different things.
    I found the way this was presented cute and playful; if it were presented all serious it wouldn't make it to these pages, I guess.

  8. Ines,

    hi darling! How are things?

    Yeah, do try to catch up Puncture; it's a really interesting movie focusing on a really important issue and the character he played is a bunch of antitheses and inner doubts.

  9. Susan,

    now I got a movie recommendation as well. Thank you dear lady :-)

  10. LR,

    thought so as well. I detest all the "seriousness" that surrounds some perfume ads and the PR around them.

  11. Dear Helg,
    thank you for asking, I'm a bit exhausted to tell the truth but I believe it will all get better soon (starting after Christmas).
    But one thing certainly helps a lot (Shalimar each evening). :)


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