Thursday, August 18, 2011

Move Over Clive Christian, Golden Delicious gets Blinged!

Clive Christian and his diamond encrusted bottles of haute scents might want to do a rethinking regarding their "costliest perfume in the world" ad routine: DKNY Golden Delicious by US-basedd clothes brand Donna Karan gets totally blinged, with a bottle that is so full of diamonds that it fetches the hefty price of a cool 1 million dollars!

The juice remains the same, but the bottle of DKNY Golden Delicious gets the luxe treatment with tiny skyscrapers ~recalling the urban landscape of New York, the city which served as an inspiration for the DKNY brand in the first place~ encrusted with small diamonds. This luxurious edition will only be available at the Facebook page DKNY Fragrance and the profits will go to Action Against Hunger.


  1. Victoria01:51

    I'm afraid I've never really seen the point of blinged-out perfume bottles. Generally, the glittery bottles are used to house teeny-bopper fruity scents, which really aren't my style (I also just really love elegantly simple things, i.e. traditional Chanel bottles. I really can't imagine spending 1 mil on a perfume, either, as much as I love it. A perfume addiction is expensive enough as it is!

    By the way, I wanted to drop a note to say thank you for putting together this blog. I love how logical, informative, and thorough it is. I've enjoyed reading it!

  2. Meh.

    Get me decent fragrances in garden variety squarish bottles with screw-on tops and I'll be fine.

  3. Victoria,

    thank you for your most kind words, I'm truly flattered :-) Hope you enjoy your stay on these pages!

    I do not see the point of blingy things either (unless they're jewels themselves) but I guess here it's a one-off thing for charity. I wonder who would buy it though and for what use!

  4. L,

    it is rather weird looking, isn't it? I don't really care for decorative bottles myself. I like the architectural approach more (Lutens, L'Artisan, Chanel, etc).

  5. Helg, there are beautiful bottles which are also decorative (Parure comes to my mind, or some of the Shiseido ones), and I can't wait for my Dolce Vita extrait because the faceted ball in a glass-stoppered version simply must rock. I'm all for ooh, shiny, and even this bottle could be a nice objet d'art weren't it for the ostentatious showiness. I have an essay-rant on this, inspired by that purchase of said Dolce Vita, in the works... bling is fine, decorative is fine, but I prefer a bit of subtlety, not a Wheeeee! crapload of diamonds, look at me! attitude.


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