Monday, July 11, 2011

Top 10 Best-selling Masculine Fragrances in France

According to a study by Promise Inc. conducted in April 2011 over a male specimen of 1000 online users in France, three are the main attributes of consumers of fine fragrance in the masculine sector: luxury status, perceived virility in image and an intermediary slot reserved just for Jean Paul Gaultier (a position between design and creativity in regards to bottle, content and house image).

The study seeks primarily "to decrypt consumer’s perception of fragrance brands for men, it also highlights masculine consumption patterns". "Male buyers in selective distribution networks (e.g., Sephora, Marionnaud, Nocibé ...) purchase 64% of perfumes they use. These however do not forget woman. Since, 41% of fragrances bought in selective network are offered to women. Finally, if male buyers buy on average one fragrance every 9 months, they are offered on average a bottle every 16 months".

The best-selling list of masculine fragrances in France, as of 2011 goes like this:

1. Huge Boss by Hugo Boss
2. Le Male by J.P.Gaultier
3. Eau Sauvage by Dior
4. Dior Homme by Dior
5. Farhenheit by Dior
6. Azzaro Chrome
7. Chanel Allure
8. CK One by Calvin Klein
9. Azzaro pour Homme
10.Habit Rouge by Guerlain

It is interesting to note both the international infiltration into a national market as well as the super-conservative status of online male consumers, opting for fragrances that for the most part have been circulating for the last 15 years on the market (with only two exceptions, Dior Homme and Allure, these two benefiting from the halo effect of their respective houses)

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  1. Thanks for this, Elena.

    It may not be the most inspiring list in the world, but Habit Rouge, Dior Homme and Eau Sauvage are pretty damn amazing, so I'm glad to see them in there.

    As for the #1 position, well... what can I say...

  2. Fahrenheit, Dior Homme and JPG Le Male for the win!

  3. Fiordiligi10:57

    I agree 100% with Persolaise. I suppose we can be relieved that these actually made the top ten and lent it some credibility amongst true perfume fans!

    Sorry not to have been in touch by the way xxx

  4. Anonymous14:01

    It is great to see Eau Sauvage--classic and proud. Le Male will also/can also be considered classic and proud, don't you think. It will certainly be listed as a definitive fragrance of the 90s.

  5. D,

    yeah, some are good. Some are...predictable. *sigh*

  6. Bug,

    love at least 2 out of your three!

  7. D,

    darling! So great hearing from you!
    Yes, these three are classics. Even if one of them is so recent. But I trust it will be down the road.

  8. Joseph,

    I agree with you on Eau Sauvage; unsurpassable!
    Le Male is certainly a modern classic: I think it carved a way for modern masculines and the reception it got really formed its "milestone" status, because who would have expected something so sweet to become so popular, even to non gay men?

  9. I was wondering which Hugo Boss. Is it the Boss called number one?


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