Sunday, June 5, 2011

Six Scents Amber: new fragrance

Six Scents collaborates with the biggest fashion exhibition in the Netherlands , the Arnhem Mode Biennale. The exhibition run from Jun 1 to July 3 and Six Scents has had a special interactive exhibit exploring the olfactory notes and themes behind this new fragrance, Six Scents Amber. 

Joff, the artistic director of Arnhem Mode Biennale invited Six Scents to create a scent that would encapsulate the event’s theme of fashion’s muse: Amber. Just as the largest fashion exhibition in the Netherlands is a reflection of the entirety of fashion, Amber has been translated to an olfactory form capturing her alluring, mystifying, transient, omnipresent nature. Arnhem Mode Biennale’s artistic director Joff simply states “This perfume is a token of love from Amber.”
Kaya Sorhaindo , the creative director of Six Scents Parfums describes his vision for the project as follows: “As the skin is the canvas for fragrance, the body is a the canvas for fashion. They are two artistic disciplines that share similar ambitions, to transform and empower. Both are discovered and defined by the individual and this is where they are given new meaning and become masterpieces. Amber is a celebration of ‘the self’ as a medium in which perfume and fashion work and continue to evolve.”
The perfumer for the fragrance was Darryl Do from Delbia Do. He expressed his excitement about the project saying “When presented with this opportunity to create a fragrance from a purely artistic position I was ecstatic with the possibilities. Not having to approach it from a market research profile or trend study is a welcome change”.

Amber by Six Scents includes notes of Sandalwood, leather, amber, violet leaf, cologne [sic], and green melon.
The retail price for the fragrance is €75 for 100ml.

info via press release


  1. The melon note will be a deal-breaker for me, but I like the concept behind the fragrance. Darryl Do is clearly stoked to do this, being able to work "beyond the brief" is something not every perfumer is in the position to do.

  2. It's a quite "hip" concept, so it might work (a la Daphne Guinness etc)
    Let's hope so!


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