Thursday, June 23, 2011

Chris Sheldrake: "I taught a little bit of English to the perfumers and a retired perfumer taught me a little bit about perfume"

Sheldrake didn't intend to be a perfumer when he was young. He wanted to be an architect. His father thought he should learn a European language before he started his architectural studies so Sheldrake took a three-month work-experience job at Charabot, a fragrance company in the south of France.
''I taught a little bit of English to the perfumers and a retired perfumer taught me a little bit about perfume. After about three months, he said, 'I think you've got a nose. Would you like to stay?' So I stayed another three months, then another six months, then two years, then three years and architecture was the past.'' Sheldrake worked at another fragrance company, Robertet, before going to Chanel in Paris and working with Polge in the early 1980s. He left after ''three fantastic years'' for more experience at global perfume manufacturer Quest International. He has fond memories of creating a rosy, fruity fragrance for a Unilever shampoo called Lux Super Rich when he was in Japan. ''It was probably the biggest-selling perfume [product] for Quest at the time,'' he says.

Thus reminisces Christopher Sheldrake, perfumer known for his work at Serge Lutens perfumes and currently head of research & development at Chanel fragrances, a propos the upcoming Chanel No.19 Poudre. Please refer to our previous quotes from Sheldrake on the new Chanel flanker and our announcement on Chanel No.19 Poudre. More on how Christ Sheldrake works and views industry "bedroom scent" demands on this link.

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  1. He's a masterful architect of scent stories. I think he found his path, just in a different package!

  2. Jen,

    he certainly is! He has a knack for following a concept to its most beautiful and compelling end.


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