Monday, January 3, 2011

Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin sing for Caron

When commercials and advertising jingles were tender and softly caressing, without crassness or hard sells...

Serge Gainsbourg, poète maudit of the 70s, and Jane Birkin, the siren-muse, sing on a promotional disc for the perfume "Pour Un Homme" de Caron, which was released in France on April 1st 1972 (it can be found here). The song is now on the official Caron site: Hit English and it takes you to the page with the free download, alongside a nostalgic vinyl disk turning). Or just play the clip right here on Perfume Shrine below. The little 45disk was offered to customers who purchased the cologne at Caron counters (how cute is that?)and has since made appearences on Ebay, hence the photo.
The Gainsbourg song is also audible on the Pour Un Homme page, allegedly "the secret of Serge's seduction". Like the lyrics say: "Je passe pour un homme, pas très beau garçon" (i.e. I pass for a man, not a pretty boy)
Of course Caron's Pour Un Homme is a true classic since its issue in 1934, its vanilla-laced lavender accord a dependable mainstay in masculine perfumery. Thanks to parfums Caron for starting the year in a nostalgic, truly lovely way!


  1. Anonymous03:30

    Lovely post, Helg! I hope you had a Happy New Year. I bought Guerlain Vetyver-the men's version. I love it! Mine seems to have a cinnamon and tobacco-it's root-y and spicy all at once.

    Have you ever heard of Ptisbon Tartine et Chocolat? It has a blue label, and a frosted bottle. I think it was intended for children but it's similar to 4711 on me-just a very soft cologne, very refreshing. I think it's a Givenchy product, altho the Givenchy name isn't on the bottle.

    I hope 2011 is good to you,


    Carole MacLeod

  2. Hello Carole! Hope you had a great new year's as well and that 2011 brings you everything you want.

    You must have been lucky, the older versions of Vetiver have a pronounced tobacco note which is delectable. Not much spice to my nose, but then again there are probably more than a few versions out anyway. Cinnamon sounds like a nice overlay.

    Yup, Tartine et Chocolat is a tender orange blossom & neroli kid's cologne, custom made for a famous firm for kid's wear in France, very popular. (tartine is toast with spread, in this case a Nutella sort of chocolate paste). From what I know there's the pink bottle (Gransebon) and the blue one (Ptitsebon), the latter having a hint of lavender, the former a bit of honyesuckle and lily of the valley; both retaining the gentle orange blossom and light musks core, a simple formula. They're for girls and boys respectively, as far as I know, although they're classified as women's or men's online.

    In that vein you might also want to try Petit Guerlain (a tender orange blossom cologne, a bit sweeter) and Bonpoint by Goutal (also for a kids' store). And if you can still find them, the Baby Rose Jeans and Baby Blue Jeans by Versace (same idea).


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