Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Journal d'un Parfumeur: New Perfume Book by Jean Claude Ellena

The latest project of Jean Claude Ellena's, head perfumer at Hermes and acclaimed top nose in the business at least in the last decade, isn't just another fragrance for a luxe brand, based on innovative concept and rare ingredients... On the contrary, it borrows from years back as well as from the present and future and consists of a new penned book on his course as a perfumer. The book is going to be titled Journal d’un Parfumeur (editions Sabine Wespiese Editeur, Paris) and will contain Jean Claude's reflections on his art from, landmarks in his course and the smaller ~and bigger~ secrets of his craft.
The new book will be available in French from April 2011.

NB. This is a totally NEW book. It's not the one which was on pre-order on Amazon last year (Perfume, The Alchemy of Scent). That one was in English (i.e. transcription of his 2007 French one Le Parfum)


  1. I added days ago this book on my to read books list. I just don't know if I will find it here but I can always contact the editor. Thanks! I wish you a lovely rest of week.

  2. Oh I am so glad this book is nearly here! My neighbour was going to buy it for my birthday last year, but Amazon cancelled her pre-order. Thanks for the heads up. : - )

  3. VL and Vanessa,

    this is a totally NEW book. It's not the one which was on pre-order on Amazon last year (Perfume, Alchemy of Scent). That one was in English (transcription of his French Le Parfum)

  4. do you know what happened with the other one?

    I will have to try and get better at French!

    (my latest method is to read the Harry Potter books in French)

  5. Unlike Rose, I am not so ambitious in improving my French--as I have to actually learn it first. ;) (Spanish, that I could "improve.") So, I am grateful for an English translation, especially as I am quite interested in reading this one.

    Will keep an eye out.

  6. K,

    it was scheduled to be out but the printer didn't deliver in time. It's still on pre-order on Amazon at any rate.

    Sounds like an excellent plan on your part!

  7. S,

    no, no, misunderstanding. The English translation was the one that didn't come out in time and THAT was the transctiption of Le Parfum.
    This one, I'm afraid, will be only in French. There is some talk about an Italian translation, but no Spanish so far (one could always suggest it though!)

  8. Only in French??! Merde. I would have loved reading it.

    Maybe you'll review this book for us non-French-speaking admirers of JCE, when it comes out? Hope so.

    I'm a little late in doing this, but since it's still January, here's wishing you a happy 2011, Helg!



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