Sunday, December 19, 2010

Free Aromatherapy Course

Abdes Salaam of La Via del Profumo ( announced some wonderful news: a free aromatherapy course which is available online at
The scope is meant for the benefit of people and not for commercial reasons while Abdes describes some of the stunning effects that aromatherapy can have, with reports and pictures from my Timbuktu experiences. You can reach those on the following link. (scroll down a few texts)

More info on La Via de Profumo and Abdes Salaam:
Check our reviews of his scents on the widgets below.


  1. I downloaded the document and need my time to read everything it says. During Christmas´s holidays I am going to do it. Much Love, Merry Christmas Dear !

  2. VL,

    hope it provides some enjoyable reading with lots of insights. Merry merry Christmas to you too, honey!


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