Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Byredo Encens Chempur: new fragrance

Niche brand Byredo is introducing Encens Chempur, an incense fragrance inspired by Hindu temples. Byredo already had a now hard-to-procure room spray and candle in Encens, reminiscent of Eastern and Southern European Orthodox churches. Now, they're introducing an Eau de Parfum fragrance for personal use that travels even more eastwards.
"Originally a picnic spot outside of Mumbai, Chembur is the place where Ben Gorham's mother was born and raised. Ben visited Chembur many times as a child and returned after almost 15 years to find the area developed. Lingering still, however, was the evocative incense from a Hindu temple".
Notes for Byredo Encens Chempur:
Top: Bergamot, lemon, elemi
Heart: Ginger, temple incense, nutmeg
Base: Labdanum, amber, musk
Available in 50ml Eau de Parfum bottles for 95 euros and 100ml for 140 euros. The line is complimented by a soap set (2x100gr) retailing at 35 euros, a 300ml body lotion (45 euros) and 300ml body wash (35 euros).
Info & purchase on the official Byredo site.


  1. Thanks for the heads up E!
    I for one *adore* the original Byredo Encens fragrance!
    I am keen to try this version and see if ti can come close to its predecessor.


  2. *waving joyfully*

    Hello there!

    You're welcome. I do hope they do something great with this. We're both keen on incense, In know. Might have to do with our common memories of it growing up.
    Have you tried the Aedes L'Artisan one? (the edp). It's pretty good!

  3. Thanks for the news!

  4. Actually, no I haven't. I must check it out! :) Thanks!

    Well, N.S.T have today mentioned that this is Chembur re-named as "Encens Chembur"(!?)
    I guess until I sniff it for myself, the jury will be out on this one...

  5. VL,

    you're most welcome :-)

  6. Dimitri,

    do check it out!! (If push comes to shove, let me send you a little sample from my own decant)

    I think there will be some little difference between a home fragrance spray and an Eau de Parfum, even if they're aiming to make it a re-issue of sorts: the transition isn't seamless 100% from a technical standpoint. I guess what they're saying is that it's the same concept and roughly the same scent.

  7. Anonymous04:13

    Politely, WTH? Is this just the Chembur perfume with a new label or is this a new formulation??? The ad copy looks like it reads the same... please explain...

  8. Anon,

    well, I'll have to first sniff it and compare, won't I? Till then, this is merely a news piece with conclusions drawn according to anyone's reasoning.
    The ad copy might be the same because obviously the idea is the same. There are minor technical difficulties between transitioning a home fragrance into a proper eau de parfum for personal use. I explained all that to Dimitri above, perhaps you missed it.


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